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Next season

Submitted by alby foreverirons on Tue, 11/04/2023 - 03:22

I would definitely be looking at some of our youth, Mumbama for me should have been used a lot more plus it would have saved the club £15 million and £125 a week on Ings. What encouragement is it for a young lad that has scored 26 goals in 26 games in the youth team when Moyes preferred to bring in an injury prone 30 year old striker that can’t play on his own up front. If and I hope I’m wrong Moyes is still here next season I can’t see the board giving him much money as he proved to me on Saturday that even though he spent over £150 million he wasted a lot of money because he has no idea how to get the best out of them. To spend that much and not use them is ridiculous, we have a few players that’s contracts are up at the end of the season and a few new signings that will want out and I include Rice, Bowan and Benrahma in those the will go especially if the dinosaur is still here. Next season no matter which manager is here it will be a complete rebuild so it is not going to be pretty. Be interested on the views but for me he has to go.

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We survive and win the Conference cup they will see that as a win win so why get shot of a "winner"!......if they cannot see why then they are not fit to run the club(have they ever been).

Regardless of how things turn out Moyes has to go and go the very next day after the season has finished...they have to interview and get new manager and his staff in quick smart so he and his team can sort out the squad who goes who stays who they want and of course the minefield of the transfer market.......moving quick is something our board are not known for so dont hold your breath mate it is going to be a horrible slog of a summer at our club.....i'll be watching the cricket and try TRY to keep away of the nonsense to come.

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Totally agree bike ,its like most sports you just get old and out of touch whether or not you actually playing or at any other level ,the mental the mental strain takes its toll .
Relax dino ,buy a villa in Spain ,spend some time with your family ,some people were made for the long haul ,look at Fergie he had to be dragged kicking and screaming from O T ,but most are not .

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as has been stated if we stay up and get to the 2penny europa final they will keep dino it will be interesting to watch the comings and goings in the summer (if we get one) but i will still be coming on this site as being a west ham fan it is like a drug to me and i have to get my fix up the hammers !!

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When my gf's and me are laying on a beach admiring the views:-) and a good book/kindle and my friends say what am i reading and i tell them a West Ham fans forum page they just roll there eyes lol hey they dont get it! and Mr Moyes get yourself on a beach and please enjoy it so you dont want to come back that would be the best news this summer COYI

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