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L(in)gard Or Out?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 13/09/2023 - 10:01

Hammers have until lunchtime today to confirm their full squad to the various footballing authorities, one name that will either be there or not will be that of Jesse Lingard. The lingard to West Ham 'transfer' has been an on off soap opera that could rival Eastenders with the complexity of its storyline.

Every episode of the Lingard saga seems like it should end with the familiar 'dum, dum,dum" Sound track of the long running BBC soap, some say the club's 'romantic pursuit' of Lingard has been dumb, dumb, dumb! Well it seems we will finally find out "who dun what to who?" in the next few hours bringing to conclusion a transfer cliff hanger.

Of course had there not been an international break Lingard's will he or won't he stance would have garnered far few column inches, but as it is it has provided some useful 'filler' before the real football starts again this weekend!

Fans are still divided as to whether they want the ex-Forest and United player back in the fold, few doubt his abilities, but many question if his attitude is correct or if he would de-stabilise a dressing room that is currently buzzing. There is definitely NO ROOM for a big time Charlie wearing £150,000 watches going into training.

Fortunately ALL the ifs and buts WILL get resolved today come what may, so either Lings will be in or out by the end of the day....fortunes always hiding, it is just question of finding it at the right time. - Ed (touching down at Heathrow shortly)



He will perform now he's got a Second Chance....or he wanted it all along but he was restricted by a bloody GREEDY AGENT...Its an imortant life lesson that takes a lifetime to realise...thank God I went to a Comprehensive with me mates & loved every minute of it.. Brentwood lol give me the School of HARD KNOCKS ANYTIME...BRUV!!

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Totally agree buddy!!! He would never be first choice but great back up for all the cup games and injuries / African Nations Cup etc

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He's a selfish self centred prick who we can do without IMO.....and he will not be the player he was when on loan the last time so he can piss off back where he came from as far as i am concerned

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Had his chance ,didn't want to be here ,now Nobody wants him ,he wants to sign ,if he's not good enough for forest ,nough said

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If he can get fit I would not sign him at the moment sign him in the January window when we lose players to the Afcons and even then only on a pay-as-you-play basis even then I still think he will go to America or Saudi Arabia. Lingard is a football mercenary who is only interested in money and publicity as long as Moyes's eyes are wide open then fine but I doubt that after the last 18month courtship he had the first time. But hold on- you've got the dodgy side causing trouble on his phone and stirring it up in the dressing room, he certainly kept that quiet about losing his driving license in July. He's well slippery as we see last season with the Is he is or is he ain't our player -he absolutely loved it, and all the publicity he got and when you think about it he is doing exactly the same thing again, and if he rocks the boat he certainly aint worth the risk.

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