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Baka Topola Bannana Skin Awaits

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 19/09/2023 - 09:58

Hammers begin their Europa Cup campaign this Thursday evening against little known Serbian side FK TSC Bačka Topola, while the name is new to many the club has been around since 1913, so they are hardly novices! This could well be a tricky tie with Hammers expected to 'roll over' teams they meet in the early group stages, but make no mistake TSC as they are more commonly know will be NO pushovers!

Any complacency by the team David Moyes puts out could be severely punished, fans hoping for a goal fest in London might well be disappointed. A firm but comfortable narrow victory is all Hammers need, there is no point in throwing everything at the visitors, especially bearing in mind that Hammers have to play a midweek Moose Cup game against Lincoln swiftly followed by a visit to Anfield to face Liverpool.

Moyes does now have a much more comprehensive squad to select from, the impending fixture will give him the chance to give certain fringe players a run out as wells giving some of the new signings more game time. Moyes will be able to field an 'experimental' side but retain a lot of strength in depth on the bench should they be required.

It will be the beginning of yet another European adventure, the third in three years. it is a pity that David Gold won't be there in person to witness his beloved Hammers fulfilling the "European' dream that he used to talk about. Who knows, perhaps he will be up in the sky looking down through all the bubbles floating upwards? -Ed



I hope we don't neglet the Carabo Cup. We have a great chance to progress into the next round in a competition that has seen many a Premier League team ousted already and more to follow in this round. Hopefully like London buses. West Ham winning another trophy will follow suit.

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You are right about the Moose Cup, this year represents a 'Gold'en opportunity to go far with so many Prem teams already out and more to come becuse of the way the cup draw panned out.

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its our best chance at some more silverware this season as for the team from Serbia that sounds like a dessert well we are champions of Europe so let them worry about us. This girl is confident of a 3-0 win with ings getting a hat-trick:-) COYI

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I notice Divin Mubama did not play in the 3-1 win at Bristol Rovers last night. Does that mean he is in the manager’s thoughts for Thursday?

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It's still the League Cup for me and sadly the allure has been watered down greatly since the sponsorship naming of the cup came in. It's way down the list of priorities now and Premier survival is tops, FA Cup second and Europe (now greatly watered down also with unheard of minnow country club entries) in third place in my own personal list of priorities.
The League Cup should be used solely to blood in the youth players and give them game time.

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