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When Push Comes To Shove-Featuring Moyes, Sullivan & Steidten!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 15/11/2023 - 08:00

There's a bit of the unstoppable force collides with an unmoveable object regarding the future of West Ham United, majority shareholder David Sullivan took DECISIVE action by bringing in the much sought after Tim Steidten in order to bring some order to the transfer signing chaos that preceded the German's appointment.

It should be remembered that it was pantomime villain Barry Silkman who arranged the final details of the transfers of Tomas Soucek AND Lucas Paqueta, neither of which were David Moyes signings, nor of Rob Newman contrary to public belief!

So having returned to his tried and trusted nice cop nasty cop pal Silkman, Sullivan decided it was finally time to appoint a 'real' professional, but someone who was on the way up, not someone looking for one final pay out as had often been the case in virtually ALL of the club's dealings.

As things stand, the club is financially secure, Sullivan will NOT be selling up his stake anytime soon and things look bright for the future, ONLY if there is a change of guard though! David Moyes has brought unprecedented success to the club which we gladly acknowledge, unfortunately the price that has been paid is a turgid brand of that is painful on the eye, football that frustrates fans and annoys players in equal measure!

People often blame the move from their beloved Boleyn Ground for the lack of atmosphere at home games now, but served up with the 'right' brand of football the as yet unnamed London Stadium can 'shake, rattle and roll' with the best of stadiums in the World! However, that only tends to happen in spite of the manager and not because of him. Football has changed immeasurably since Moyes became a manager and that progress is relentless, managing a club from 'top to bottom' just doesn't happen anymore, at least at the top-level of the game, it is entirely unrealistic for Moyes to want or be given complete control over ALL aspects of the club, a control freak he is!

In the past Moyes has escaped by the skin of his teeth, but this time he needs more than a straight forward visit to the dentists, he need a complete root canal cleanse that he is definitely NOT interested in. Until the arrival of the Steidten Moyes was confident he would be able to 'bully' any new arrival off the block, but in 'Ze German' he has come up against his potential nemesis.

This January's window will give a clear indication as to which way the wind will be blowing, it is to be hoped it carries all the bubbles in the right direction and blows the good ship Mogadon Moyes off course and into a safe harbour AWAY from West Ham.

Moyes deserves credit for much of his work but NOW things have to change otherwise the club will blow its biggest opportunity of joining the 'elite' clubs of Europe, something barely thought possible when the late David Gold claimed it, but something that is CLEARLY achievable with the right man at the helm, working in VONJUNCTION with the RIGHT people, NOT someone who wants conflict in order to get their own way, Move over Moysie its time for the Steidten man to take over, including appointing your successor! - Ed



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But Mogadons a stubborn bugger so it will be the summer before he goes unfortunately so as had been posted by many lets see who decides who we buy if anyone in January

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Euro cup is hardly "unprecedented success". There will come a time when Question of Sport will ask who was West Ham manager when winning the Conference Cup and no one will remember, I'm sure.
In fairness I will say that I am astonished at his "success" rate in the West Ham managers league table, (Source: Official West Ham stats site) perhaps because the turgid football served up has been so forgettable.
It's a pipe dream that we will ever join the ranks of "Elite European Clubs", we don't have the money, we will always be the club that plays in the middle of the group and occasionally pops up and gives a giant a bloody nose. We've always been that sort of a club but at least the football was decent to watch and going to games was something to look forward to. Blimey, I struggle to raise the enthusiasm to watch it on the telly nowadays.

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Xabi Alonso is the next cab off the rank now it would seem. According to sources around Ze German....

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