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A 'Better Way' At Last On The Horizon!

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Sat, 18/11/2023 - 09:12

It has always gnarled many fans that apart from having a technically anonymously named Stadium, that West Ham United have carried a betting company's logo on their shirts for an awful long time! However, just like waiting for buses or Policemen, suddenly TWO bits of outstanding news are potentially on the horizon with German Financial giants Allianz showing an active interest in the naming rights of the Queen Elizabeth Park Stadium AND more pertinently a 'direct' shirt sponsorship deal with the club.

For those who have witnessed the devastating effect gambling can have on homes and communities this news cannot come too soon, Betting sponsorship is due to be outlawed for Premier League clubs in the not too distant future, unfortunately the same ruling will NOT currently apply to those clubs in the Championship and lower leagues who are looked on as being in danger of going out of business without betting sponsorship, but there is ABSOLUTELY NOEXCUSEfor 'elite' clubs to carry betting sponsorship in any way shape or form due to the huge revenue streams now being generated by global and domestic media coverage.

Lets face it, over the years Hammers have had some truly dreadful sponsors. Probably the last one which had any kudos was the much lamented Dr Martens deal! There have been a series of disastrous names associated with the club that always gave the impression of 'Authur Daily' deals done on the back of a fag packet in a service station!

How refreshing will it be to have a 'proper' sponsor in place, the club has had more an more exposure having been ever present in Europe for the last three seasons and has amassed a huge following abroad with the likes of Lucas Paqueta, Tomy Soucek and more recently Mo kudus and Edson Alvarez attracting a massive following from their home countries' supporters!

Hammers fans love to sing "West Ham are massive, everywhere we go" at an unnamed stadium with a dodgy sponsor's name on their shirts....what an upgrade it would be to play at the Allianz Stadium with their branding on the club's shirts! It can't happen soon enough- LN



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Why Allianz would be any better than some of the crap we've had emblazoned across the front of our shirts and me personally, I have no problem with betting company logos over any others,
Whilst I have heard of the name Allianz, I have just had to Google them to find out what they actually are and do. So basically a legit loan shark and insurance company eh?

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Legit loan sharks with a dodgy past, help fund the Nazi party, bit like Bayer Leverkusen known supplier / manufacture of the infamous Gas.

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My favourite shirt sponsor! My kids often said "Dad, why have you got your size on the front of the shirt" :o)

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