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Submitted by moore2come on Thu, 01/02/2024 - 23:19
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Moyes :"It looked as if we needed a game - we're better playing every three days it seems."
An excuse or clear observation. Since we've been in Europe our schedule more often that not is Thursday/Sunday. Perfectly in line with Europa League games. But why when the first half of the Euro campaign is over do we still see a vast majority of our games on a Sunday and laughably this week our game on the Friday when with the FA Cup round last weekend meant we last played on 21 January?? Now as we were in the 2nd pack of teams that got the 2nd week of the midwinter break why were we not assigned to play on Wednesday night? Bournemouth played their FA Cup game on the Thursday so no reason not to get the game earlier in the week so we haven't had such a long break?
Our next 4 games are Sunday/Sunday/Saturday/Monday! Why could we not having maybe played on the Wednesday not have got an early or evening kickoff against Manure on the Saturday?

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Our season will get worse now......Manure away whilst not a fixture to fear we all know whats going to happen...we will be set up to sit deep soak up pressure and hit on the counter whilst after all the shit that they have been getting in the media they will start at break neck speed pass the ball around fast and i reckon we will be a goal down in 10 over onto the next ahh yes Gooners at home done them twice this season but not a third time again they will pass the ball quick we will be once again sitting deep like a bunch of traffic cones we will be bypassed and if IF Lego hair actually gets his player to shoot instead of constant passing IMO we will lose that game 2-0 and players look tired will be rolled out players on the bench not good enough blah blah those 11/12 Moyesboys be prepared to be flogged to death from now till end of May.....oh i forgot we will get knocked out of Europe in next round and We will go back if we are lucky to midtable mediocrity and the flirting with the bigboys will be over.......That squad needs a major overhaul at the back but hey we are potless nothing to piss in so begs the question what was the move to the BOM for then mmmm? had enough of it the club does not deserve the supporters they much BS over the years/decades....ok nurse is calling me got to go lay down lol

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