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Are Irons A One Trick Pony?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 06/02/2024 - 12:55

It sounds like a simple enough question but it is one of great significance! By hook or by crook the club has assembled a pretty decent albeit painfully light in back up squad, with the likes of Jarrod Bowen, Mohammed Kudus and James Ward-Prowse.

However the player who makes EVERTHING tick is Lucas Paqueta, without him the team seem devoid of creativity, with him they can be good enough to take on anyone! So has the team become a 'one trick pony' relying on our Brazilian maestro?

In a word, Yes would have to be the answer, we have also not mentioned Emerson yet who suddenly plays at another level when 'Pacman' is on the pitch pulling the strings. David Moyes or whoever is in charge come the summer had better find a way, because as soon as the betting scandal cloud is lifted from the Brazilian he will be off for massive money to City or Real or even Dortmund or PSG!

A path has to be found if the club is to progress, but it isn't going to be easy. Just look at City without De Bruyne, as soon as he came back from his long term injury their results have transformed and it would take a brace man to bet against them overhauling Liverpool to win the title yet again!

Someone has to find a way. It couldn't be from within the current squad or from the youth players could it? - Ed



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I would go as far as to say. Paqueta's stock has risen faster and with more credibility than any other Premier League player currently playing.

The fact he is Brazilian certainly helps and I'm fairly certain this latter half of the campaign will be his last for us. Sad it maybe, but I'm pretty certain he will go to Citeh or Madrid. The betting scandal could be his nemesis? We shall see.

I cant recall a player being so important to us, both amongst other players. For morale, confidence, and doing the business on the field. I guess his histrionics and falling over are part of his game. Annoying is that may seem. You'd take the good over the bad all day long.

I don't know where all of this will lead, so I guess we should concentrate on the here and now. With Mo Kudus, Bowen, JWP, and the central core of Phillips and El Machin. Plus Emerson who should not be overlooked.

For what it's worth I don't see any youngsters progressing under the current set up>>

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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Im not exactly convinced that City will have him, I think he just loses the ball too often with the flicks and tricks to be part of a Pep set up... lets see.

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certainly but the pony in this case, some might say a carthorse, is Moyes. He has no plan B and if he did have it certainly wouldn't involve creativity or attack.

He didn't buy a creative midfielder and lack of interest in bringing a bright young thing through from the reserves has left us with a full back make shift in the form of Johnson, who don't get me wrong, has been a surprise but its not his natural position and will get caught out at this level.

So a massive congratulations to that poisoned dwarf Sullivan who strikes again, happy not to invest and prefers to see Fornals and Benny leave when we have a midfield crisis. Happy to back Moyes knowing the majority of fans (not my words but the result of Fans Polls) want him out BUT... remains as a centre of fan discontent that takes the heat off of him! Well tread very carefully old son, disgruntled fans nearly got to you last time at the BoM!

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You just have to say that those on the pitch are not mentally strong enough to cope with the weight of Pacman not being there....going out to play with no Pacman are the players thinking well we cant win without him....nonsense of course we can but i think that is instilled from the boss with his defensive must not lose mindset instead of lets go out to win.

And if you want to see a pony well Antonio rumoured to be back at the weekend well hurrah to that i have missed seeing him throw himself to the floor everytime the ball goes near him.

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Paqueta make us look like a one trick pony is because of the tactics employed by Moyes. We have enough players out there (some now departed unfortunately) that he shouldn't be missed.
Anyway we better get used to him not being there because unless Moyes goes in the summer, Paqueta certainly will.
PS. I see Haller scored to put Ivory Coast into the AFCON finals. Masuaku too, on the other side and played well

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Classic Haller miskick decided the result for The Ivory Coast. But am in full agreement that Masuaku defended really well. Moyes got the best out of him when West ham were in danger of relegation. But he then fell down the pecking order the following season and was let go. Same with Kehrer when he played a pivotal role towards the end of last season and as a centre back. Somehow Moyes dropped him this season and he was let go. But the present issue is struggling to score goals without Paqueta providing the assists. The other concern are the set pieces that are poor. Obviously, West Ham have to come up with a better plot from them as we are seeing too many wasteful chances gone a begging!!

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