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Embarrassing-Depressing-And That Was Just The Homebound Journey!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 12/02/2024 - 09:55

When the dust was settling on a truly disastrous home defeat against London rivals Arsenal, Hammers fans who needed to travel across London had to endure sharing the same public transport links as the 'full of themselves' Gooners fans!

It might have been OK for the players leaving in their smoked out SUV's and other luxury forms of transport including the blinged up VETO's much beloved by clubs and funnily enough undertakers.

Well for every man woman and child that managed to stay to the bitter end, the club should offer them FULL refunds for what they had to experience including their travel expenses. Some fans who purchased their tickets from ticket exchange paid enormous amounts of money to watch what in essence was a pub team playing their FA Cup tie against one of the Premier League's 'big boys'.

The only difference being that a Pub team would have shown more endeavour and that their manager would probably have resigned straight after the game.

Of course teams will have the occasional blip in form, but Hammers current malaise stems from a manager's deep, rooted refusal to change, both on the pitch and off of it. David Moyes HAS worked wonders for the club, but his single mindedness is now derailing ALL of his previous achievements.

The players also need to take a long hard look at themselves and perhaps look at all the young faces of supporters who have just persuaded their parents to part with their hard earned for a replica shirt with their favourite player's name on it.

Offering Moyes a new contract will KILL season ticket sales, the club might even use smoke and mirrors to drag things out past season ticket renewal dates. IF they do then fans on the much punted season ticket waiting list had better dust off their old contact details because there will be plenty of new tickets available! - Ed--



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But let's be honest, the result is no surprise and even the bookie offers on a loss of four or more goals were so poor that I didn't put money on it.
Watching the crowd pouring out of the ground reminded me of the game at home to Chelsea in 2008, three down inside 20 minutes and the crowd fleeing the ground before half time and plethora of empty seats showing but not as obvious as the white ones at the OS and I hoped I'd never see something like that again but here we are and yes Moyes must take the blame for tactics (whatever they were),but Bowen, possibly Coufal apart, the players too were truly awful.
But again, their attitude has been like this for some time. We've just been lucky with the fixture list up til now. 4-0 down at half time with two strikers sitting on the bench? No wonder there was no heart.

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Surely Captain Jurassic must know he's taken the club as far as he can. Yes he's brought us success and created something worthwhile.

But he's old skool. His methods are dull, conservative, one dimensional. The club needs younger more dynamic leadership at the helm. Build on Moyes legacy, then it will mean more as we progress, surely?

Look at Palace. Dear old Uncle Woy and his loyal servants have got there fans at it aswell as us. Difference is, we have seen progress and a trophy and every fan thanks Moyes for that. It can never be taken away.

Moyes has to go at the end of the season. Surely he knows the club will implode if he stays. I feel we will deteriorate as the season plays out. No were not going to fall into the bottom 3. But we are falling off a cliff.

Zouma should be stripped of the captaincy and sent to train with the kids. Disgrace absolute liability.

I don't even think Lukey Pacman will make much difference. As he has had a few stinkers also. But it will be a major boost when he comes back at least.

More ups and downs than a tarts knickers in a brothel, it will be a rough ride in me thinks...

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If anyone hoping Moyes is going anywhere soon. Think again. With the club all but safe. Sullivan will be happy to see us slide down the table knowing he does not need to pay off Moyes and can replace him in May.
What I have picked up with Moyes is that he is very quick to remind everyone how much better off we are than when he took over. Does he think events that happened 3 years ago have any bearing on what is happening now?

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That is the only thing Sullivan will take note of and i understand that is difficult when its in your blood and Sullivan knows that...or turn up just dont go in and spend any money stand outside that kind of protest better than flags unfurled and crowd chanting for the manager to be is well known on here that i have never been or ever will go to that BOM but those of you that do i feel sorry for your hard earned going into Sullivans coffers and he does not give a toss about you.

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Absolutely bike, this little runt has been the cause of all our troubles since he fucked up the Brumies ,how about this billionaire from Chec Republic,? Surley he's not happy.

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Burkie 1

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You can see how the club is run though by the fact that Gold's holdings are now in his daughter's hands. What's she doing with that? Oh that's right, creaming money out of the club. Now I have nothing against her personally but surely you would sell up to a football minded person and get out!!!!

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