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New Blood Or Same Old?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Thu, 08/02/2024 - 09:59

The above is just one of the questions season ticket holders will be asking themselves when it comes to renewal time. On the face of it, renewing is a no brainer, serial Euro contenders and a squad to die for, albeit painfully thin!

The problem is football ISN'T PLAYED ON PAPER! Statistically, fans have never had it so good, but the manner in which results have been achieved is painful, terrible on the eye and hard to be enthusiastic about.

There are many who say the atmosphere in Stratford is dreadful, but that is NOT because of the stadium lay out, everyone knows it needs improving, it is because of the utter dross being served out as 'entertaining' football.

'Goofball' more like, even Moyes' most ardent supporters must admit that his particular 'brand' of football can be unpalatable at times, but that the results justify his team's cautious style of play, but how many of them make the trek across London to the Stadium itself?

Of course there have been highlights under the lights, particularly against European opposition who have not researched how single minded Moyes is! The fact is while the team DOES spring the odd surprise result, it spends the rest of the time making teams like Bournemouth and Brighton look like Barcelona in their pomp.

IF there were a fresh crop of youngsters being 'bloodied' for future campaigns then perhaps fans would be more forgiving, but as it is Moyes appears more intent on keeping his job by pointing to the data achieved under his stewardship than working towards the future.

A future that involves bringing youth through early, not just when there is a crisis, what ever happened to the 'Academy of Football'? Furthermore Moyes' propensity for buying old has beens has really hurt the club and is directly at odds with the remit Tim Steidten was given when he was brought in to over see transfers.

Moyes appears to be doing his absolute damnedest to obstruct Steidten and is blatantly trying, to shove Steidten to Hammers rivals Liverpool who DO recognise the German's brilliance.
If Moyes stays then Steidten will end up at Anfield, and why wouldn't he?

New Blood Or Same Old?-Ed



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I imagine all the time Sullivan is at the helm of the club. He will be leaning towards which side his bread is buttered.

I would assume ze German has already gone in Sullivans Office shut the door and said, "either he goes (Moyes) or I go"!! Clearly never the twain shall meet. Liverpool are sniffing around, so I think most fans can see which way this is going...

The season will play out. If I was a betting man, I'd see Moyes getting his P45. As his methods long term are restricting the club. I guess we'll see how big Sullivans gonads really are come the summer!!!

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

To be honest, West Ham did play some entertaining football when they unusually took the game to Man Utd. Roles seemed to be reversed for large swats in that particular game, except there was no cutting edge to score, on this particular day. Moreover, the defence made a few howlers to curtail the spirit in the team. Will Moyes take the pros from this performance and work on them in the uphill match against Arsenal who we already defeated twice this season?

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Divide and rule. Have your key decision makers at diametric ends and watch the fighting from afar. While the supporters vent anger at Moyes that little runt is safe!

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I agree there Dartford ,he's got to go even before Moyes , take the rest of that board with him ,it going to take a great deal of money and time to straighten out the mess he's got us into ,half the squad should be for sale ,Jesus Christ almighty this can't go on .

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