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More depressing news

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Submitted by Dartford Bhoy on Thu, 15/02/2024 - 03:39

iIguess some of you will have already seen this on Youtube, I stumbled across it recently.

Ronnie Stutter, was with West Ham academy until at 14 when Chavski stepped in, looks like a hot property which in fairness the lad would be wasted in our set up never getting a chance. Very quick and reminded me of Tony Cottee :o(

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Run so poorly and that starts with Sullivan and if it was not for the porn industry i doubt he would ever made as much money as he has......for the man at the top of our club his indecisions on important club matters are really amateur.....Moyes should of been sent packing last summer but know for some reason winning that cup excused Moyes for the disastrous league campaign and the dreadful football served up....and why did it not happen? simple really it would of cost money to get shot of him.

Transfer wise you cannot deny the money spent in recent seasons is up there with over £540million spent but to much of that has been squandered on ageing bang average players and so Steitden was employed a much sort after football man with contacts to find hidden gems that would not cost the earth and he would be responsible to revamp the team leaving the Manager to coach....Wrong again the man is constantly stopped doing what is needed doing by a manager who is so set in his ways that he will not play anyone he does not choose....Where is Sullivan in all this where is his management ? does he call Moyes in and say this is how we do things now if you do not like it there is the door? of course not he Listens to Brady who apparently loves Moyes and so it seems that Steitden could be off to the bindippers a club run profesionally and clearly understand this mans worth...

Player wise Kudus Bowen Pacman getting frustrated as the weeks go by and no doubt agents already being contacted over possible moves to pastures new......Spuds Gooners Citeh Liverpool all waiting for the outcome of Pacman enquiry before stumping up the £80million buyout clause leaving us with a squad bereft of a heartbeat and so it goes on.

Bleak as this posting is i am certain everyone here has been having similar thoughts.....Why oh why does this basketcase of a club constantly shoot itself in the foot..

Sullivan look at Villa they were shit going nowhere under Gerrard they did not dither or come out with the whole four game scenario to see how it goes they decided to get shot of a shit manager and install Emery and look at them go a club who were wll below us past few seasons yet somehow now out of our reach? Spuds the same they were dour under Moanrino and Conte so they decided nope lets do something about it and they got Postecoglou in and backed him......everyone raves about how good they are how other supporters will watch if there teams not playing as it is exciting free flowing football a great atmosphere around that club and players attracted to it because of it...meanwhile we are being ground down by groundhog football week in week out month in month out year in year out it is total lunacy to expect anything else from a club run by a man who really does not give a shit as long as the money keeps rolling into his coffers..

Sullivan Brady Moyes all need to go as we are just dying as a will not happen until the Reaper comes calling and so we are stuck with a littleman who really just dithers like his manager and anyone who is worth anything at all in the football world just leaves...Birmingham fans warned us of this and it is baring fruit.

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cant disagree with any of that!

Shambles, a circus run by the clowns!!

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Spot on bike. We've had that cancer of a man running this club into the ground now for what feels like a millennia. Time him and that witch exited the building

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Surely one of those dolls is Lady Brady? She's vented enough toxic gas to level a football club

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