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Stan The Man

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Submitted by boogerscaravan on Sun, 25/02/2024 - 10:11

Just wanted to say Stan Bowles RIP.

Growing up as a kid, there were certain footballers back in the early 70's. That had that x factor even back then. An evolution of mavericks if you like? Frank Worthington, Rodney Marsh, Stan Bowles, Tony Currie, and of course the greatest of all George Best.

Even back then, they were different. Did different things on the pitch. Saw the game differently if you like. They were the reason I took my ball over the green every day after school.

Stan Bowles was one of the greats, like the rest in the group, Not exactly a role model, but my god what a player!!

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I will never forget when he, Marsh and Venables conjured up the 'back flip pass' free kick that was SO good the FA had to ban it! Stan Bowles , legend!

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I met Stan on several occasions as I was brought up in West London and my dad was a QPR fan. Lovely, friendly guy.
Also had the unenviable task once of coming up against Stan Bowles. Thankfully a long time after he retired. We arrived at the venue ( a pub team) to find Stan Bowles having a couple of livners. He looked really frail. Well yours truly was playing left back and was given the task of containing Stan the man. I was ok. But after the gsme I felt like I had had the drink beforehand. I could not get within 2ft of him. Not even with the resulting Cavalry could we contain him. Believe we lost 14-0 & he had a hand in every goal. What a player what an experience.
We shared a shandy with Stan after & everyone wanted to buy him a drink.
We'll never see the like again.

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My strongest memory was when the news broke that his wife had left him and as fait would have it the first game was away at Upton Park. I think the North Bank sang "Stanley, Stanley, Where's your wife " for most of the game. Cant remember the score.

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He had bucket loads of both....10 years old Derby day on the downs with my mum Dad and brothers back in the days before it went all corporate...Dad going up to put bet on with one of the many bookies and blow me down a crowd surrounded my Dad at this bookies stall and there was Stan the man himself holding court as he was having a flutter...chatting having a laugh with all and sundry round him just enjoying the day nobody giving him grief he was well just another punter enjoying a day at the older brother got his autograph and still has many players today would you see mixing with the general public? not many.....

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Played in the highly successful team that got promoted and narrowly missed being Champions the following season. That was an era of great football, ( anybodys guess who would be champions) great players and a time when I would go to matches to see players from opposing teams as much as my heroes at West Ham. Some great names you've picked out there Boogers and I could name so many more. Derek Dougan, Keith Weller, Ralph Coates and even great keepers, Shilts, Jennings and of course Big Phil who we eventually bought.
Went to a few QPR games as they were only a bus ride away from me and tickets were a doddle to get so had great pleasure in seeing Stan play a few times. Gerry Francis, Don Givens and Dave Thomas were a delight to watch too. Great days, great players, all pre Sky. I miss those days

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Cracking bloke and cracking player DH.

When he was England skipper he was introduced to the new squad member Colin Viljoen, just got British citizenship and eligible to play for England. Viljoen said "Just call me Ace" Gerry said "I will call you c**t"! And for the rest of the day and during training that's exactly what he called him... a lesson in humility :o)

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