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Why Not Try £20 Is Plenty, It's Not Too Late!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 14/03/2024 - 16:25

Currently remaining tickets for tonight's crucial game against Freiburg for a place in the Europa League 1/4 finals are still available on General Sale, but with prices starting at £35 for Adults and £15 for Juniors.

Quite frankly that is ludicrous! With nearly 10,000 tickets unsold, surely the adult price should have been £20 or even lower and kids should have been only £1.00. OK, some people would moan about having paid more than late comers, but surely filling the Stadium is more important given the opportunity it gives the team to progress.

The club MUST act quickly now and drop the exorbitant price they are demanding! Act now those in power, you know it makes sense! - Ed

Call 0333 030 1966 and ask for a 'newly reduced ticker for latecomers'



I've noticed on tv lately the white seats seem to be getting steadily more numerous as the weeks go by ,specially against the bottom half teams .
Talkin about bottom half teams, who saw that match last night, Bournemouth v Luton ,what a magnificent game of football ,talk about end to end ,hope Dino was watching might learn a thing or Two.

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