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It's Ze Germans (again)

Submitted by Enfieldhammer on Fri, 15/03/2024 - 16:33

So another trip to Germany awaits. To play Bayer Leverkusen who have been all conquering & undefeated this season. A team that thumped us 4-0 in pre-season though West Ham did not have our new signings to call on then.
Obviously there were other teams in the hat who would have been more preferable but to win the trophy you have to beat the best. On the plus side we missed Klopp & his Bin Dippers. Should we be worried about facing Leverkusen? Absolutely not. They just scrapped past an Asberjani outfit down to 10 men Qarabag in extra time. This is a team which contains a certain Patrick Schick. A striker who was linked heavily to us in the summer of 2022.
Providing Moyes does not revert to type & hoist the white flag we could give them food for thought and suprise them. Moyes needs to be brave and attack. As long as we are in touch when we leave Germany a rip roaring night will be assured at the London Stadium. Moyes. Do your bit and us supporters will do ours!

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Thoroughly agree, it was vital to avoid 'klip klippety klopp' for the next two stages and as you said Bayer Leverkusen only just scraped through against 10 man Qarabag in extra time.

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playing like we did last night we should fear no one we have just had our best result in Europe its got to make people sit up and take notice of us and may be just may be we get some respect. . that was a great game to watch.... up the hammers

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Top of the league, 10 points clear and unbeaten in the league. We needed to avoid these guys!!!

We might need some Bayer Asprin... They will give us a few headaches!!!

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