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Pacman v 180!

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Thu, 21/03/2024 - 15:21

The upcoming friendly between England and Brasil will give Hammers fans the unique chance to cheer on BOTH sides, with Lucas Paqueta representing Brazil and Jarrod Bowen England. Of course 'Pacman' is a guaranteed starter for Brasil, whereas '180' will probably come off the bench, if at all!

Unfortunately for Jarrod, even IF Southgate elects to start the Hammers striker, it will probably be in a more defensive role than he is usually given. That is not to say Bowen won't give it his all, it is just that the England Boss would get more out of Bowen in a more advanced role that suits his game.

International breaks are notoriously stressful for club managers. On the one hand they are always pleased to see one of their squad represent their national team, but with the joy comes the very real fear that they might get injured, especially for a friendly that has no real relevance.

It is what it is though and David Moyes is in the same boat as a host of Premier League managers in hoping his players return unscathed and fit for their upcoming league and European campaigns.

The latter part of the preceding sentence does however make good reading, 'upcoming league and European campaigns' how many years did fans hope and wish to be actively involved in European football?

Losing Pacman to injury would be CATASTROPHIC as has been clearly illustrated during his recent time on the sidelines, the club desperately need him to be hale and hearty, but also energised and empowered.

It is a tricky path to negotiate but hopeful Moyes will be a happy bunny ahead of the game against Newcastle. - LN



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The last time went out of my way to watch an international match and only ever been to one live, strangely enough against Brazil back in 1990. To be honest, I really only went to see Paul Gascoigne who wasn't selected although he came on late in the second half by which time I'd already left through sheer boredom. Still got the programme somewhere.

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These constant friendlies really do bore the tits off me. I pay no attention to the team selection, and even less to the game. The result is of no consequence. England lost? And? It used to be exciting, now its effing tedious and gets in the way (far too often) of the actual football season.

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Me too.
We're supposed to give up our best players to the "cause " ,the comentators get on my tits, sense of patriotism gone through the roof ,you'd swear tonight ( Belgium)one of them was Jude Bellinghams father .

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