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Andy Carroll Spotted At Training Ground

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 17/01/2022 - 15:35

Extremely disturbing or amusing, depending on your opinion, images have emerged of Andy Carroll in the car park of Hammers Rush Green training ground. We kid you not, but before you start to have an apoplectic shock it should be remembered that Big Andy still has a property that is located not that far from the Romford training ground, which was given the not so glamourous nick name of 'Goose Green' by a certain European footballer when he first laid eyes on the place having previously been SEDUCED by what was on show at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium.

Potential signings and their W.A.G.S are ALWAYS shown the 60,000 plus stadium located in Stratford first when they are being 'courted' by the club, if they were shown 'Gooose Green' first they would probably run a mile or more likely a Kilometre! Carroll's Mercedes G Wagon WAS spotted in the Goose Green car park last week, 'Ken' the security guy confirmed, but it is not known if it was being driven by AC or his missus.

Since leaving the club, Carroll has maintained close ties with Aaron Cresswell and Mark Noble among others, so it is not unusual for him to be seen in and around the players occasionally, especially since he had been playing on a recently expired short term loan deal at Reading.

We are not in anyway advocating the re-signing of a player who relieved the club of over an astonishing £25 Million in wages, but it would be rather amusing if a short term deal was struck for the remainder of the season with the Geordie Lad, who is once again a free agent, but was being paid only £1,000 per week to play for the Royals.

At that rate of pay, Hammers could take him on for nearly two and a half years for just ONE WEEK of what Andriy Yarmolenko receives and has been receiving every week for nearly FOUR years! Although this article is pure conjecture, would Carroll be any worse than Yarmolenko? - Ed


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