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Be Careful What You Wish For-You Might Just Get It!

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Thu, 28/07/2022 - 13:20

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you'll find you get what you need!" so sang Mick Jagger and recently Hammers fans have been waking up to the dawn of a new West Ham transfer reality, with the club actually achieving what they set out to do! The injury to Nayef Aguerd was a big set back. but the 'flow' of players coming in has become something of a torrent since the initial 'tepid' toe dipping when the transfer window opened.

There was a wish list common to management, owners AND fans that HAD to be fulfilled if there was to be any chance of the team carrying on the momentum achieved in the last couple of seasons, surprisingly the list IS being filled! With the 2nd oldest squad in the Premier league something had to be done and quickly, player retirements and contracts ending left the club with a bit of a mountain to climb JUST to tread water, but it seems as if the mountain has come to the Moyesiah in the form of Gianluca Scamacca.

The 'inked one' has something a bit special about him, in music circles he would be described as someone with the 'shine', because that is what he has. News emerging of PSG's late hijack attempt being rebuffed despite a salary gazump must surely be refreshing to Hammers fans who for too long had to put up with a fair few mercenaries rocking up at the club. 'Scammer' stuck to his word and signed on the dotted line, it is obvious he intends to use the club as a springboard, but so what? He can help the club, the club can help him, simples, at just 23 years of age he has the world at his feet and is young enough to develop with the club and hopefully be there for the journey.

A new left back, a back up central defender, a couple of midfielders and ANOTHER striker would see David Moyes with a formidable team at his disposal, one fully capable of competing for a top six spot and maybe even better! Given the chance David Moyes CAN build a top top team, he might even break through the glass ceiling of really winning something. Perhaps the words Jagger sang might be listened to by fans yearning for a bit of success who might need just a little more patience, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you'll find you get what you need!" - LN



How many player arrivals makes a torrent? .... Two apparently!
For me, it's about quality of the incoming; another quality centre mid, left back and modern forward (3 positions) and West Ham are ready to remain where they were at the end of last season, maybe even reach the final of Euro Conference...

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Until these players have signed contracts I won’t get too excited. Scamacca, looks the business as does Aguerd and Downes. For too long Westham have carried players in the squad that are just not good enough to cover the first team if any suffered injury. Moyes looks to be addressing the problem, as well as actually improving the quality of the starting eleven.
That opening fixture for the new season against Man Cty will be a big test, would love to beat them hopefully without sustaining any injuries. The European competition will certainly test the strength of the squad but Moyes seems to be making the right moves.

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Being a long-suffering supporter for as long as I have been, I would virtually have to be Blind not to see the trajectory that this club is on right now.
In recent times, I have felt like I support "Pessimists Utd" with the emphasis always on the negative.
For many, it may never be enough. But for me and many others, the green shoots are clear to see. I remember the type of players that we used to be linked with in the past... compared to the players that we are signing and going after NOW.
We ARE a work in PROGRESS, heading in the right direction.
For most, this is good enough and a true Revolution.

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Aguerd to take legal action against west ham ,apparently no one informed him that joining the hammers can seriously damage your health before you even kick a ball .

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Big difference between a torrent and a trickle. If we've got a torrent of new blood coming in then it's a Tsunami of players arriving at Forest!

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