Big Mich Returns To light Training

In what will be seen as a very positive sign, West Ham United striker Michail Antonio has been pictured taking part in a supervised light session at the club's Rush Green training ground. While it is great news that Antonio will not be out of action for the 4-6 weeks as originally feared, his rehabilitation will mean that at best he starts from the bench against Liverpool this Saturday, the ex-winger is seen as such a valuable asset to the club that there is no point in risking more damage to his hamstrings if avoidable.

It would be easy to blame the medical team for Antonio's woes, but a quick glance at the size of the thighs his hamstrings have to cope with at full pelt, shows that if he uses his 'explosive' energy to propel himself down the touch line too frequently, that something has to give!

There is no like for like replacement for 'Big Mich' at the club, in fact we doubt that there is another like for like replacement for Michail Antonio in the entire Barclays Premier League, his all action style of play means he will always be prone to injury and as such there is need for a plan 'B' to be available.

Sebastien Haller is NOT a like for like replacement for Antonio, but he is the only senior striker at the club, the only other option being Andrily Yarmolenko, who unfortunately resembles a cart horse as he tries to get his 'frame' moving, once he is up and running he is fine, but his initial launch leaves much to be desired.

If Haller can be moved in to the middle of the pitch and be provided with adequate service from the flanks, he might finally prove why he was worth £45 Million in the first place. David Moyes is proving himself to be a bit 'Jeddi' when it comes to team selection and formations, and he doesn't need to do too much to facilitate Haller's talents bearing in mind the ability and speed of the other players around him.

So to encapsulate, Big Mich Antonio's injury is not as bad as first thought, but with so much of the season to be completed, wrapping him up in 'cotton wool' seems a prudent course of action, and speaking of 'courses of action', it's about time Haller used his impressive physical frame to start 'bullying' defenders, if he picks up a few yellow cards so what?

Someone needs to sit with the towering French striker and show him a Video of Andy Carroll, on one of the few occasions when he was actually fit, saying 'hello' to the defenders with his first action in the game, it may not be cricket, but Haller is here to play football! - Ed



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This game has to be make or break for le merde. If he cant get motivated to play the Champions. Then he might as well va te faire foutre and take his price tag with him..

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Time for le sulk to step up or in plain queens English f*ck offski!!

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In the bigger scheme of things the Liverpool game is not that important. I would rest Antonio for this one, give someone else a chance. If we pick up a point that’s a bonus.What is important however are the next three games, Fulham, Sheffield &Villa. Those have to yield nine points. We cannot go back to the old West Ham that doesn’t pitch up against the so called lesser lights.

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