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Can Moyes See The Forest For The Trees?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Thu, 23/02/2023 - 10:04

Dear oh dear, remember when Pep Guardiola and other such luminaries were 'bigging up' 'wonderful' West Ham? It was only 18 months ago that Hammers briefly threatened to gate crash a top four position, how things have changed.

How things have changed is the question that droves of Hammers fans are regularly asking themselves as they trudge towards 'Coe Towers' for yet another classic example of negative football, gone is the once electric forward line that terrified the opposition, instead they must now be forced to 'cower' at the sight of a team facing up to them which has TWO keepers on the bench and a bunch of forwards who are expressly forbidden for ever being on the pitch at the same time as each other!

David Moyes' insistence on only playing one forward up front will be his undoing and ultimately might well see the club relegated from the top flight, as the club sleepwalks towards the Championship surely the Board MUST have had a conversation at least regarding replacing the incumbent manager or at the very least INSISTING that he breaks his dinosaur mode and plays two up front, why not? Everything else he has tried has failed hasn't it?

At the moment watching West Ham is a painful experience, the 'Seb Coe Experience' Stadium still fills out regularly, but if you look at who is attending you will see unfamiliar faces in season ticket spaces because owners of the tickets pass them on to friends and family who have yet had to endure a David Moyes led West Ham performance.

Because of all the 'newbies' things seem relatively OK, but under the facade of the pop corn, over priced drinks and the appalling half time entertainment lurks an ocean of malcontent.The fact is, watching West Ham has become a chore, fans find excuses NOT to attend games now and there seems little chance of that changing until Moyes has been ousted.

We don't know David Moyes personally,in the past we DID know various managers but Moyes has always kept his cards close to his chest, but he is a busted flush at West Ham now. That is not to say his services aren't in demand, in fact the rumour mill is full of "Moyes to Leeds" news!

Moyes might be a good fit for Leeds, but his time in East London is definitely over, whether it is sooner or later is the only variable. There is still JUST ENOUGH time to give Moyes the heave ho and put together a survival management team headed by Mark Noble if it came to it!

In an ideal world Will Still would suddenly be plucked from France to save his boyhood club, but that would be too much to hope for. In reality the club will most likely persevere with Moyes until it is too late, the board will be concerned but they won't have to trudge along the canal full of misery after a game, their Maybachs and Rollers will cushion them from the noises of discontent.

Many fans laughed at Saturday's visitors recruitment during the off season, but Forest fans will be saying "who's laughing now?" if Moyes cannot see the Forest for the trees, how on earth can he guide West Ham to safety, let alone success- LN



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Did I blink? When has Moyes ever fielded an electric forward line? We might have been winning games, but there was nothing electric about it.

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But Bowen has never really got me as a player to get excited about and I have long campaigned for Antonio to be put back in that position. As electrifying right sided players we've had in that position, I struggle to think of any since Mark Ward who would get me out of my seat on receiving the ball. Had a brief fling with Obinna but he didn't last long.

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Sums it up perfectly for me.Last weekend angered me more than any other game in Moyes tenure,god knows how our amazing away fans must have felt! I don't think we will have a better chance of picking up points this season,tottingham were terrible & we still lost.Said it after the game surely someone at the cub needs to tell moyes ffs play at least 2 forwards or you're gone pal!! Do something different or give him the Spanish archer,surely he can't stay if we dont beat forest,a point is not good enough.One thing I reckon though if we lose he will get it from 4 corners of the ground

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To me Antonio should be on the left wing as he always seems to drift there. Benny and Scamacca or Ings playing in the centre could be far more effective. As yet Ings has made no impact coming from the subs bench, but maybe with more bodies up front rather than being isolated will be a better option for him!!

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