Deja Vu Jack?

We have often been merciless in our 'observations' regarding the transfer from Arsenal to West Ham United of Jack Wilshere, someone somehow managed to convince Manuel Pellegrini that a three year contract at 100,000 per week was the minimum term acceptable in order for the ex-england player to sign, much to the chargrin of Hammers co-chairman and majority shareholder David Sullivan.

Regrettably, as had occurred symptomatically in the past, Jack picked up a long term injury almost on his arrival at the London Stadium, and has only managed 16 starting appearances in the last 21 months. A talented player yes, but with a body so frail he makes Andy Carroll look like Robocop! Time and again managers past and present have eulogised Wilshere's 'extraordinary' talent, some have described his skills as 'unreal', unfortunately for so long they have been 'unseen', so it is with more than a touch of trepidation that news of his 'complete recovery' must be received.

Realistically, based on the past, Jack Wilshere will get better and better in training, building up to a 'live game' crescendo, only to get subbed off with a niggling injury which then develops in to a full blown major rehabilitation project. It is not that his spirit is unwilling, far from it, but his body has had enough, the same thing happened to great striker who never was, Dean Ashton, after years of trying to get fit he finally had to retire because his body just wasn't up to it, sad but true.

When asked about his prospects during project restart Jack said "“It’s nice to finally get in front of the manager, When he first came, I had a few conversations with him and I got the feeling from him that he rated me, but I was still six weeks away from being able to get in front of him and show him what I can do. That’s all good in training, but really and truly you want to be doing it in games and earning his trust. It’s a good start for me to get back in training and in front of the manager and his coaching staff and show them what I can do. I know he’s been around for years and I’ve been around for years, so he sort of has an idea, but he’s never worked with me so it’s important I show him what I’m about, how I train and what I can bring to the team I wanted to give a good first impression to the manager. I know he would probably understand if I came back and was a bit rusty but you don’t want that in his head. You want to be sharp, you want to look like you’re fit and not look like you’re struggling. We did a lot of running when we came back and that was important. I knew that would be the case because this is pre-season and I didn’t want to be coming last. I wanted to be up the top showing him I’ve got the hunger to be the best I can be.”

All very endearing, but we have heard it all before, it is not just a case of deja vu, but groundhog day as well, of course he may return, stay fit and play as brilliantly as he has shown in the brief glimpses where his talent has been showcased, must go now, a pink pig has just flown by our office window! - Ed



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Andy Carroll as Robocop!!! The only thing they'd be able to use would be his hair!

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