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Dog Day After TOON!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 05/04/2023 - 12:43

When Al Pacino took on the role of Sonny Wortzik, a man who decides to rob a local Brooklyn bank to pay for his lover's operation but he is forced to take hostages after the heist does not go as planned, the part was seen as a very brave choice. Dog Day Afternoon was critically acclaimed but didn't do very well at the Box Office initially.

Based on a true story, Wortzik's actions were both brave but foolhardy and didn't end well! As West Ham approach their own 'Dog Day After TOON', manager David Moyes cannot in ANY WAY be accused of being reckless or foolhardy, however he can be accused of NOT being brave.

What does it take to make him take a risk? Sunday's offering at the Stratford Stadium was hardly inspiring, the team won in spite of Moyes and NOT because of him. The beleaguered manager has an incredible reluctance to use players he 'doesn't fancy' relying on his old cohort of 'trusted' past its instead.

Sunday's extremely narrow victory over bottom of the table Southampton illustrated just how detached Dino's thinking has become. The game was screaming out for Max Cornet and or Gianluca Scamacca to come on, however Moyes elected to use neither of them instead.

Any other team would have punished Hammers, fans were very lucky it was Southampton who were visitors, the victory was very narrow indeed! Tonight The newly minted and slightly arrogant Toon are the visitors and on the face of it will chew Moyes's team into little pieces unless he goes large, will he?

Unfortunately the Dino is NOT for turning and a heavy beating could be on the cards, the fans will still turn up in force, but the 'dredge' they are forced to watch could test the most determined of supporters. Results last night went above and beyond what could be hoped for, it is a pity that there will be little or no hope for tonight's fixture! - Ed



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Cant see anything else only a spanking ,although i did do a score on a 1-1 draw ,maybe its me ,maybe i just love pissing away money ,i duno .
I think football should be like politics ,their should be enquiries when things go tits up.
The main points in my opinion ? Why is the board sleepwalking us into this position ,why is Dino blanking one of our Italian cousins and very costly Sama ,why does he never, ever play 2 up top ,and of course why not take a chance on one or two of the under 21 s ,everybody is talking about Divin Mumbama ,another player we'll almost certainly loose in the summer .
Just google west ham under 21s for a look ,fine young men ,i cant say all of them are a cut above the rest but i would play any of them instead of Souchec ,Fornals and Cresswell ,Souchec in particular was a good prospect a couple of years ago ,now there's a fine example of what Dino can do to very decent players .

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Whatever dire result tonight and I fear the worst and think Isak will rip us a new posterior hole.

Anyone thinking we've got a game in hand can think again. That game in hand is against none other than Manchester City. It could not get any worse.

Thank you Moyes for what you've done, however you are now a stubborn crappy klint and better Jeff off after tonight!!!

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But the barcodes are perfect opposition for Moyes style...they will not sit back they will be on the front foot and push for a win and that makes them perfect opponents for how Moyes wants to play....they will leave spaces the players just have to exploit them......our biggest concern playing wise is of course Soucek Moyes first name on the teamsheet but despite his total lack of form but none the less i can see us putting in as good a performance as we did at the barcodes few weeks back and this time win...COYI

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Are overated. The games I've watched them play has been full of thuggery and timewasting and their position at the moment is a false dawn. My only concern is who will play at RB, because if it's Tehrer or Johnstone, St Maximum will have a field day.

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Hopefully that is why he did not play Coufal on Sunday so he will be ready for tonight

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