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Dwight Mc Who?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 25/07/2022 - 17:35

A cognitive Pyschocologist would have difficulty in understanding the wherewith alls and eccentricities of West Ham United's transfer activities if they were a person, one minute pleading poverty and the next minute embarking on wildly expensive extravagancies.

Of course Hammers fans don't need to go to Uni for four years and then spend a further four studying to know all about the Club's 'spend schitzhophrenia', you learn it as a nipper growing up, the smoke and mirrors are as clear as a cockney rythming slang booklet purchased at incoming airports by American tourists wanting to 'DO' Green street!

So on the one hand the club is breaking the bank that already had a hole in the wall in order to fund the arrival of 'Gian(t)luca Scaramanga' or Gianluca Scamacca to give him his correct 'Wiki', while simultaneously attempting to 'lure' Dwight Mc Neil from relegated Burnley.

Now it is one thing to 'cover' possible eventualities when it comes to signings, but it is another thing entirely to cover questionable 'elite' acquisitions that might require 'heart surgery' by standing by with some plasters from the £1 store! However this IS West Ham we are referring to, so lining up Dwight Mc Who? from Burnley to cover for the Italian hitman from near Milan seems perfectly in line with the club's LSD or Magic Mushroom induced Psychedelic transfer activities of the past and not too distant past in the case of Nikola Vlasic.

Yes there is a need for an ADDITIONAL striker as well as Scaramanga, maybe even two, BUT Mc Neil is NO better than several of the youth players on Hammers books, imagine how Thierry Nevers or Armstrong Okoflex would feel to see there progress through the ranks thwarted by someone, who has previously not covered themselves in much glory, arriving from another club and usurping them from the pecking order?

The Board and the manager and his various assistants have a chance to make a 'big' statement between now and the end of the transfer window, their actions will dictate whether it is their intention for the club to aim for mid table respectability and safety or attempt to truly mix it with the Big Boys - Ed



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Sign the £1 fish man from Queens Market might aswell all things considered. He's available on a free from Islamabad so I hear!!

Come on ladies.......6 for the £5

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We know Moyes likes him he's been scouted and now being touted round the prem so if we really are meant to be mixing it with the bigboys why not......the only thing i will say on the Dwight front Nev is couple seasons back were we all not underwhelmed by the purchase of Dawson and look how that has turned out so transfer wise you never really can tell

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The right mentality and the will to prove others wrong can get you a lot further than a big price tag.Many have been underwhelmed by the signing of Downes because of such a small fee but should that matter? players do not decide fees clubs do so it is irrelevant.The boy Hugill failed at West Ham but his attitude and effort could not be questioned and whilst he was clearly not of the quality required i admire the lad for not whining and when it was clear he was not up to the job at least he tried something Haller never did.

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