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Fans To Call UEAFA's Bluff-But Is It Wise?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Wed, 17/11/2021 - 09:40

In the light of UEAFA's 'sudden' ban imposed on Hammers travelling fans, many who have already purchased tickets AND paid substantial amounts of money on hotels and air flights intend to go to Vienna to be part of the game and take in the atmosphere, either through sitting in local bars with fellow Hammers supporters or, more controversially, by accessing tickets originally intended for home supporters.

It is believed that in excess of 1000 tickets that would place West Ham fans among the home supporters have been snapped up via the 'grey' market in Vienna's re-sale underworld at vastly increased prices. This is a set of circumstances of UEAFA and 150 morons' making, it does not bode well for the future and could seriously threaten Hammers European Trophy and potential Champions League qualification aspirations.

It would only take a small spark to ignite a potentially dangerous situation and perhaps UEAFA might have thought through the implications that their 'last minute' decision would have on 'legitimate' fans who had already arranged to attend the game.

We accept that sanctions had to be made and understand that by banning fans from the the upcoming fixture it technically opened the door for fans to be there for the knock out stages of the Europa League Cup, unfortunately having 'disgruntled' travelling fans mixed amongst home fans is a recipe for disaster!

We are NOT suggesting that Hammers fans would be attending looking for trouble, but unfortunately as the song goes, "You looking for trouble? Well you've come to the right place!" is a rather apt musical analogy of 'Rabid's' fans, well at least those who were on display at the London Bowl earlier in the competition.

In order to comply with UEAFA regulations, West Ham will HAVE to officially advise fans against travelling to the Vienna game under ANY circumstances, this will leave the club between a rock and a hard place and the possibility of watching future games being in the hands of those who do choose to attend the game irrespective of the guidance.

Fans have waited YEARS and YEARS for the opportunity to finally see their club playing in a 'meaningful' European competition, it would be a crying shame if they were denied this unique prospect as a result of the actions of a minority of individuals.

David Moyes, his coaching staff and yes even the board as well in their own way, have created a new West Ham that is no longer content with being occasional achievers sandwiched between continuous failures into a team that has genuine aspirations of dining at football's top table. Indeed there is every chance that Hammers will be back in European competition next season, either one way or the other, so there is NO need for fans to panic.

It will take a long while for long suffering fans to acclimatise to the rarefied air that comes with life near the top of the table, but make no mistake, what is happening to club at the moment is REAL, so we would ask fans to show some intelligence and not blow what could be a golden era for the club by their foolish acts even if they are frustrated by UEAFA!

Think about the future!- LN


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