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Fans Prefer A Tent To A Marquee

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 07/08/2020 - 17:46

“We’re lacking in defensive cover. We’re also looking to see who could move on, because that could change the direction we take during the transfer window. The owners have spent a lot of money in the last few years and I’m not sure a similar amount will be available this time."

Well that was a Classic managerial understatement from David Moyes, all the funds went to the 'Pellegriniphile' who sucked up money like a Dyson on heat! On the bright side, with no ability to sell many season tickets, the Hammers hierarchy are not having to use the old 'look who we are trying to sign' chestnut, the need to sign a 'marquee player' in order to get bums on seats has been neutralised, and perhaps it might just suit a West Ham United that despite having a 'quality' squad vastly under performed for most of last season until a good run of form following the season's restart.

There are already too many 'Marquee' players at the club to fill a Glastonbury Tepee, let alone a tent, so there is absolutely no need to try and do a cheap (relative term) version of Real Madrid with their need to sign a 'Galactico' every season, on so many occasions West Ham have tried to go large but have ended up with a Galactic failure who either gets injured perpetually or costs disproportionately more than their real market value.

With no money to spend except that generated by player sales, things look bleak for the 'big name hunters', but why does the club need them? In fact the club already has a surfeit of them who need to shape up or ship out, so no more 'Calamaticos' is the opinion of many fans, let the club use what it has, and if players are unhappy, get rid, simples. All most fans want to see is their players giving it their all, and equally importantly see a manager giving players the opportunity to play in a position that suits them, consequently allowing them to play their finest football.

No one in their right mind thinks West Ham are Champions League quality, a myth Manuel Pellegrini tried to perpetuate in order to prise open the Sullivan purse strings, but a mid table finish and a good cup run are most definitely attainable with the players at David Moyes' disposal, possibly with the addition of one or two canny acquisitions from the lower leagues and the Czech Republic that won't break the already 'running on fumes' bank account.

A period of stability is what the club is crying out for, OK some want it all done yesterday, but there are others who have seen so many false dawns as a result of the club trying to run before it could walk that they will be perfectly willing to wait for a season or even a couple of seasons IF they can see steady progress. No need for a Marquee when a tent can do just fine, Irons aren't that posh you know! - Ed



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Boring maybe but you do not have to pay £30/40million on one player when you can get 2/3 in and make the squad more competitive and have cover for positions but as we all know you have to do your homework on players as well so ignore the names check the background..ability..personality...of course you can still get a bum deal doing that but better that than another NAME that costs the earth if not in a fee then in wages....Everton are pretty much in the same boat as us so lets hope this time around LESSONS have been LEARNED but hey its West Ham when have we ever learned anything!

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Pajamarama and Watkins from Brentford - double swoop pay the minimum and pay add ons in time, no brainer for me....

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