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The Final Countdown!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 31/01/2024 - 08:52

In the year 2000, the Swedish government paid the rock band Europe a king's ransom to play their hit 'The Final Countdown' at midnight to usher in the new millenium.
There were lots of fireworks and oohs and aahs and a 'competent' renedition of the song and that was it, in The UK we would have descibed it as a damp squib, but were too busy making hide nor hair of the Millenium Dome! This transfer window's closure promises to be less than spectacular, but will it be so for West Ham, will the grey smoke be wafting from Hammers 'goose green' training at 11PM? Or will it be early to bed time? -Ed



i am following our teams involvement this year more than i normally do, should i hope be interesting C.O.Y.I

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As of 11 o clock this morning. It looks like Benrahma is going on loan to le Frog. Fornals is stuck as we have not accepted Pellegrinis bid from Betis. Unless he ups it.

Why the Jeff we are in for Jota astounds me. He's Benny Mk II. Celtic were a crap team so he shone most of the time, but he never did anything for Benfica!!

I hope we can get Osman as this kid excites me and at 19 whats not to like, also means 99p Cornet can go to Notts For.

Ings to Celtic - Mubama out on loan???

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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Eze and Gibbs White in an incredible deadline day double deal only cost us £5million for Eze as long as we provide care for Woy and £5million for Gibbs White as long as we promise to hold our next ten end of season awards and christmas do's at the owners Greek restaurant

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If it's not done today nothing will be done. How can Moyes pick a team not knowing who he will have due winfow closing whilst we are playing Bournemouth.
The excuses are ready to go. Shame we have not strengthened as teams around us seem vulnerable. 6 points in the next 2 games will be extremely handy. Especially taking 3 points of Man Utd. I would like to see the Sunderland lad. Could evolve into the next Bowen but on the left. He can familiarise himself with the team in the next few months and be ready to replace Paqueta who will not be around start of season.
Shame other additions will not come in this window as we will need lots in the summer. This has got to have been the worst window ever for everyone.

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