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Final Last Chance

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 08/05/2022 - 07:08

Towards the end of what has been an excellent season, where the team have played above and beyond expectations given the paucity of money spent, Hammers go into their final three games knowing that they still just about have control of their Premier League destiny.

In recent weeks the club has time and time again spurned the opportunity to 'claim' a Europa League place for the second season in a row as those around them in the table continue to falter, however Manchester United's abject surrender to the Iron's final game of the season opponents Brighton, left just a glimmer of opportunity of Hammers making the competition yet again.

Norwich away, Title favourites Man City at home and then Brighton are Hammers remaining three games, as it stands David Moyes' team need to get a minimum of SIX points from their remaining games to leapfrog the 'red devils' into SIXTH place, although Wolves, Brighton and Palace are all Mathematically capable of grabbing the last slot.

Hammers, Wolves and Palace ALL have three games remaining, all face at least ONE extremely difficult fixture against a top four side but as it stands the Irons do have a seven goal advantage over the others with the exception of Palace.

6 Man Utd p 37 gd 1 pts 58 to play: Palace (A)
7 West Ham p 35 gd 7 pts 52 to play: Norwich (A) City (H) Brighton (A)
8 Wolves p 35 gd 1 pts 50 to play: City (A) Norwich (H) Liverpool (A)
9 Brighton p 36 gd -4 pts 47 to play: Leeds (A) West Ham (H)
10 Palace p 35 gd 4 pts 44 to play: Villa (A) Everton (A) Man Utd (H)

Norwich, despite already being relegated, will be NO pushovers and face both West Ham and Wolves, as do Champions elect Man City, so there are many variables to consider, but realistically with three games remaining there is at least a 50/50 chance of making the Europa League and avoiding the dreaded and poorly named Conference Cup.

C.O.Y.I's - Ed



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I know they can play relaxed there fate sealed and all that but if we fail to win this game then Moyes and his players should hang there heads in shame...Norwich are without doubt one of the poorest sides to play in the Prem and if we are as good as the team thinks/says they are then i do not want to hear excuses about being down after the Frankfurt game about getting back late about being tired about carrying knocks etc etc NO NO NO i am not having that....if we want Europe next season in whatever form it takes then we must win if any player feeling down and in the dumps because of thursday then put your hand up and let someone else take your place.

Of course apart from Fab and Diop starting i do not see to much change in our line up today and if Kral/Vlasic do not get a start in this match then what was the point of having them at all this season?.

Thursdays gone it is history so now the gauntlets been thrown down by Wolves/Brighton....are we good enough to stay where we are or are we bottlers.

0-2 or better COYI

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