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Good Tidings Come In 3's

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 06/10/2021 - 09:23

Success breeds success, but with it comes responsibilities and commitments, it is a mark of just how far West Ham have progressed under David Moyes since his resurrection, that fans have rightly been concerned as to the impact so many players jetting off for fixtures will have on the club's domestic and European challenges.

Fortunately common sense, a rare commodity in global football, has prevailed. First Vlad the impaler was released from International duty because of being injured, next the club kidnapped Michail Antonio's family in order to prevent him flying half way round the world and now finally Declan Rice has been given some independent recovery time' what ever that means.

Irrespective of the definition, this scenario is exactly what fans had hoped for, the very fact that 'pressure' was brought to bear on the Jamaican football federation re Antonio and Southgate being forced to see sense is a mighty bonus, throw in the Czech Republic's decision to send Coufal home and things look a lot rosier than they did in the immediate aftermath of Sunday's defeat to the Brentford Thespians.

David Moyes will already be looking at his team's recent shortfalls and will be keen to alter the poor home form of the Irons in particular. To that purpose, don't be surprised to see Alphonse Areola start against Everton, don't be even more surprised to see the relegator Craig Dawson brought back into the first team in place of Angello Ogbonna, at least in the short term.

Hammers have gone from having the best set piece record in the Barclays Premier League to one of the worst, 'Les' Dawson along with Tomas Soucek represented a serious threat that clubs found difficult to deal with, Dawson's heading prowess was fully on display during Hammers 1-0 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Time waits for no man, but sometimes the wait is worth it as three good tidings can arrive at the same time....before Christmas! Ed



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