Guess Who Got Injured Against Palace?

West Ham finished up their pre-project re-start friendlies with what has been described as a relatively competitive 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace at The London Stadium, although the play was hard but fair the game did have a bit of an 'old pals' feel about it due to two ex-Hammers appearing for the Eagles.

Cheik Kouyate and James Tomkins were Irons through and through before joining the opposition, and fortunately neither left 'under a cloud', unlike certain other players, and were therefore greeted like old friends 'after' the game, although social distancing had to be observed so no big hugs for the 'big lugs'.

Friendlies are a double edged sword for managers preparing for what will be an extremely demanding time for the players due to the amount of games they will have to play in such a short space of time, and David Moyes is no exception. The Hammers' manager was able to select from his entire squad for the match that was split in to three 30 minute spells, Sebastian Haller scored, again, and surprisingly not only was Jeremy Ngakia selected to play for the last tranche, but he scored a blinder! Which raises more questions than answers regarding the youngster's future, as has been widely publicised his contract is up for renewal with both the player's agent and the club at an impasse over terms, so why did he even play if he is not going to be around after the 23rd of June when his contract officially expires?

Some things do remain the same for The Irons though, a certain midfielder was seen exiting the pitch 'massaging' his groin, and yes it was Jack Wilshere, but before jumping on the bandwagon of "I told you so" it should be noted that it is very common for players returning to 'full' fitness to be so concerned with the area of their previous injury that they are constantly monitoring it's condition, a bit like taking a deep breath before lifting a heavy item.

No matter how much teams train, nothing can replicate the real thing, even though it is now a different real thing than pre-pandemic, how many players will be left standing by the end of the ninth game? There are one or two who you could bet your house on being injured, the usual suspects spring to mind, but maybe just maybe, the enforced break in the season has given the 'Hammers crocked brigade' a unique time frame for recovery, a luxury never had before and probably one that will never occur again, that is until the Barclays Premier League has an official 'proper' winter break! - ED



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Only at west ham do we sign crocked players on 100 grand a week

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