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Hammers Intl Fake Break News!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 12/09/2023 - 05:27

Following on from our West Ham are massive missive, we thought we should reaffirm the lack of real Hammers news during the International break. Sites that rely on click through revenue will come up with anything and everything in order to maintain their revenues, which of course they are perfectly entitled to do and indeed in most cases need to do in order to pay their running costs.

There are still some that don't, Ian Dale's excellent being a perfect example, a site that only runs articles that are relevant and in their opinion truthful, as does It might seem churlish to 'take the high ground' regarding content, but players and their families read virtually ALL the sites containing articles about them and sometimes the articles can do a lot more harm than good!

Speculation is the key 'tool' used, swiftly followed by the 'opinion' article and finally the beloved statistic driven comments. Unfortunately, if you spread enough, shall we call lies, some of them will stick. There has been SO MUCH negative press during the International break regarding Hammers that you would think the club was in turmoil!

The negativity really doesn't do any good at all. The fact that one player gets targeted after the next is not only lazy journalism but a clear example of those who pretend to support the club but are happy to send its players 'down the river' when it suits them.

Tomy Soucek has come in for unbelievable criticism from people who have never kicked a ball in anger and constant sniping about Pablo Fornals lack of game time has clearly muddied the water regarding a player who is actually held in really high esteem both by his fellow players AND the entire management team.

There is a whole list of players who have been targeted right through the club, from first teamers to U-18's, it is to be hoped that fans can see through this negativity and realise that the club is in fine fettle and on an upward trajectory many many clubs and their supporters envy, at least privately if not publicly.

So don't believe all the drivel you read during the International break, 99% is just 'column filler' and or click bait! Give your eyes a rest and wait until 'real' football is back, you haven't got long to wait. - Ed Posted from New York, hence weird time frame!



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