Husillos May Have Just Played Blinder-Hernandez To Valencia?

With so much to-ing and fro-ing with regards to the Maxi Gomez transfer we asked our old Org colleague David Dalby to check things out, David is a retired journalist who now lives in Spain and is not only fluent in Spanish but is really well connected with Barcelona and Malaga football clubs, indeed he is close friends with the owners of Malaga.

After a bit of sorting the woods from the trees David's message back to us is that Hammers' head of recruitment, Mario Husillos, may have just put together a 'perfect storm' deal, with of all teams Valencia! Supposedly locked in a deadly duel with West Ham for the services of Maxi Gomez, the Spanish champions league club have been happy to discuss the transfer of Javier Hernandez with 'the enemy'.

Valencia have coveted Hernandez for a long while, they even wanted to try and hijack the deal that took the Mexican from Germany to the Premier League when he was signed by Slaven Billic! If this proposed bit of business comes to fruition it will be a master stroke by the 'Huse', Valencia get the man they have wanted for ages and Hammers get an even clearer run at Gomez.

The only stumbling block is Hernandez's wages, these may be offset by a small transfer fee in the region of £8-10 Million in order to get the deal over the line and also the player might take a reduction in wages in order to play in the country of his choice.

Many fans will pray this clever plan pays dividends, it is a move that might just break up the current impasse. - Ed



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