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Irons Becoming Chelsea's 'Sell To' Club?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 16/08/2022 - 07:18

Are The Irons Becoming Chelsea's 'Sell To' Club?

West Ham seem to have developed a 'close' bond with Chelsea FC in recent times, The West Londoners obviously becoming increasingly at ease with their Iron's dealings as it has become blatantly obvious to them that their East London neighbours represent little if any threat to their Premier League aspirations.

That said they will still be mindful of Hammers notoriety as title challenge wreckers, ask Liverpool had they not lost at Stratford the Premier League title would have been theirs. Irrespective of the possibility of a one off banana skin fixture against David Moyes' side, new Chelsea owner Todd Boehlyhas authorised 'direct trading' for certain players between the clubs, he is perhaps playing the long game mindful of a future deal for Declan Rice.

Todd Boehly may have opened up the channels but he is a very successful businessman and NOT a philanthropist so he drives a hard bargain, consequently a loan deal for left back Emerson Palmieri from French outfit OGC Nice was rejected out of hand with only a firm permanent deal on offer.

West Ham had made a similar approach to Chelsea to sign the Italian international, however Todd Boehly again made it clear he only wants to sell Emerson on permanent deal, no loan. A fee of around £12-15 Million is being mooted which represents fair value for the 28 year old who would be an upgrade, in not stern competition for the long serving Aaron Cresswell.

Acquiring an additional left back WAS all part of the plan, so unless Chelsea decide to start playing silly buggers a deal can be concluded ahead of this weekend's premier league fixture against Brighton, Hammers nemesis! As to the centre back 'issue', there are several irons in the fire, pun intended, as we discussed yesterday, ANY decent centre back will be wary of joining the club if they feel David Moyes will just revert to his regulars and new signing Aguerd once they are all fit?

There will be some movement, but this time it will probably have to be a permanent deal because yet again the problem is how many clubs want to send their player out on loan if they are only going to play a few games? Fortunately there is the obvious answer, TO SAVE MONEY!

There are many many clubs out there, particularly in France where everyone is broke apart from PSG because of the TV deal problems, and secondly in Spain where epic overspending has landed clubs with no other option than to loan out their players at a great loss just to cut their deficits, they are a salient lesson in being careful what you wish for when it comes to new signings.

Quality rather than quantity was the initial order of the day when the window opened, it will take brave men at the helm to steer the club through the remaining choppy waters, but that's what they get paid for, by the fans! - Ed



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And if the truth is we moved to the BOM to compete then get these two players in Hudson-Odoi, fellow England midfielder Conor Gallagher one loan one permanent lets see if they have the balls the cash and the Moyes M.O.T to get those done!

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bet he plays tomorrow

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