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Little Tiger v Big Oaf Fornals & Romero

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 25/10/2021 - 10:43

There were many 'strange' incidents during Hammers hard earned victory over London's third placed team Tottingham, some were more annoying than others! The incident that is already all over 'soshall' media was Romero's tackle of fellow spanish speaking Pablo Fornals, having clearly swiped Fornals' feet from under him, Romero then had the temerity to lean over the stricken player and accuse him of feigning injury.

Despite seeming nearly a foot shorter than Romero, Fornals was quick to 'call' the Tottingham player out for his actions, the situation being diffused by several Hammers players of equal size* to Romero, suffice to say the big lump backed off when confronted with someone of his own size!

Romero, a £47 Million summer signing from Atalanta, was run ragged and bullied for the entire match by Mikey Antonio, so it is little wonder he tried to pick on someone smaller to vent his spleen! After all, he wasn't going to try and start anything with big Mick was he? Always wanting to be positive about the reasons for players transgressions, we would suggest the reason Romero behaved like such an oaf is because his team were absolute CRAP!

Next time try an pick on someone bigger Romero, unless you want people to think you are as much as a loser as your team, better still, try taking it out on your own players and coaching staff, as well as your chairman for placing you in the type of environment you find yourself in! -Ed

*With the exception of Aaron Cresswell, he was first on the spot, and more importantly being on his feet was easily able to remonstrate with the Tottingham defender.



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Romero's frustrations were obviously with his teams performance and like all bullies, he attempted to take out his frustrations on a smaller target. Little did he realise that Pablo is made of stronger stuff and has the Cojones to stand up to an idiot like that. Cresswell was on the spot to defuse things before the big guns had to be deployed.
I Agree that Romero's frustrations lay with his team, dysfunctional club and chairman. Nuno always seemed to be a last-minute appointment and I can't see him staying the course with the spuds. Another manager whose time could soon be up is Ole, in my opinion, he was never good enough and is out of his depth amongst some great managers. I'm so glad Moyes was rejected by them though.

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I was impressed with Romero before he blotted his copybook. I thought he handled Antonio rather well first half, giving as good as he got and keeping the big man quiet. It was only in the second half when Mick got the upper hand that he lost his cool and as you say it was frustration with his own team more than anything else.

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