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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 23/02/2023 - 16:44

John Motson, voice of football passes away aged 77. For many 'Motto' or Motty WAS the voice of football, generations of fans grew up hearing his knowledgeable voice as a true indicator of what was going on, before during and after games. His attention to detail was legendary as was his preparation ahead of games.

Before lap tops, mobile phones or even computers Motson was a source of information that was bereft of supporters unless they spent hours and hours trawling for information as religiously as he did, no detail was too small or too large for him to know or talk about, his sheepskin 'car dealer coat' as he called it was synonymous with a wry smile and a keen sense of boyish humour.

John Motson a true gent, a wonderful much loved family man and a great football ambassador for this country. R.I.P 1945-2023



He was brilliant & had so much knowledge of the game! One of a kind R.I.P Motty

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Well said Nev, Motty, Barry Davies, Brian Moore, football sticker books and jumpers for goalposts - a land that time forgot. RIP Motty...!!

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29 cup finals he commented on! The sheepskin & old style microphone were his trademark,legend!

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