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Moyes Annoyed By 'Noise'

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Fri, 11/12/2020 - 10:07

Hammers' wing back Authur Masuaku's now deleted instagram message, detailing how he had just had corrective surgery on his knee that had caused him to be in acute pain for the last TWO years, was as a result of 'miscommunication'. When David Moyes did his Press conference ahead of tonight's eagerly anticipated clash with Leeds United at Elland Road, he made no mention at all regarding Masuaku's operation, which has left many observers baffled.

Moyes' "stop the leaks" mandate had held as firm as a 'Tenna Pad' until yesterday, indeed there had been substantial media coverage of Leeds' manager Marcello Bielsa's early announcement of his team for the upcoming match against the Irons, so why did Moyes hand Bielsa the bonus of knowing Masuaku would not be included in sufficient time for the Argentine manager to make 'suitable' adjustments to how his team sets up for the match?

The answer is quite simple, it was a complete 'cock up', anyone who left a mistakenly drunken message back in the days when everyone used 'static' answerphones only to find out they left a suggestive message to one of their relatives or definitely someone who shouldn't have been the recipient, will know just how easy it is do make a colossal error of judgement.

With all the technology available now, it is little wonder that 'news' gets into the Mainstream in an instant, it only takes one click of a button and the sender can enter in to a whole world of pain and embarrassment! Apparently such was the case with 'King Authur', he was supposed to send the message 'just ahead' of the match, in fact ONE hour ahead not one day! Unfortunately once you hit the send button that's it, and that is exactly what Authur did, doubtless the anaesthetic probably didn't help, but clubs really do need to look at their players' various media platforms.

Surley if you are paying players between ££50-100,000 per week you are entitled to 'oversee' their media 'snippets'? Why not ban them completely? Is it against their human rights? Most 'ordinary' people would be happy to sign a non-disclosure contract as part of getting paid so handsomely, but players are so powerful now that they seem to be able to have their cake, and eat it!

It is not as if Masuaku 'snuck off' to have the operation is it? The club would have sanctioned and overseen the details of the surgery, and anticipated the repercussions of such an important player's lack of availability, possibly up to three months, following the operation.

Masuaku definitely didn't look the same player in his last game, he was clearly troubled, and unfortunately the role that he has been playing means he was far more likely to be on the receiving end of some 'industrial' tackles, defenders and midfielders don't like being dance past by 'fleet of foot' players, and a such generally find a way of taking their 'retribution'.

In the last few games Masuaku has been 'fouled' high up the pitch relentlessly, it is frankly astonishing that no further action was taken on at least a couple of occasions, if Masuaku had adopted Mo Salah's way of showing he was being repeatedly fouled he might not have needed the surgery quite so soon.

One door closes and another opens, Masuaku's unavailability means David Moyes will be able to 'unleash' Said Benrahma, but the ex-Brentford player will have to be disciplined in his approach, and will have to play in a position that is out of his comfort zone.

It would be catastrophic to alter from the three men at the back system that has served the club so well, if Moyes were to revert to four at the back, Aaron Cresswell, who has played with a new lease of life since moving to a back three, would be cruelly exposed risking the undoing of all the early work from this season.

Stick to a Three Moysie, you know it makes sense! - Ed Jnr



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