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Moyes' Message Mocked

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 24/11/2021 - 09:33

We don't do social media much at the Org but Louis always keeps an eye on things, what he just unearthed is something we thought had been left in the past! Some of the responses to Moyes' plea to fans are really disappointing, here is Moyes' statement:

“I want a new club, I want a fresh club which is going to try and challenge all the teams in Europe and in the Premier League. What I do need is big support behind me everywhere I go. I was really disappointed (after hearing about our ban) because our away support has been brilliant in the Premier League and in Europe. We want to be in Europe and we want people to look forward to West Ham coming to play. I see Premier League teams who are in Europe and in the Champions League every year and I don’t see any trouble coming from their supporters. Whether they travel to Madrid, Paris or wherever, I want to be one of those clubs who does that every season. We have to make sure we’re a Club that people want to have and we need the supporters to see that. We have to move on.”

The response from some supposed fans has been that it is inevitable that there will always be s few who WANT to cause trouble, despite the ramifications for genuine fans who just want to travel, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a European jaunt. To quote the late David Bowie "look at them cavemen go!"

The time has gone when feral young men wearing Bay City Roller trousers could run amok before, during and after games. Their actions should have been consigned to the waste bin ages ago, people should be mindful of the anti-English feeling throughout European football and be prepared to encounter the severe bias that is only exasperated by the thoughtless acts of the few! - Ed



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It wasn't until our recent ban, that I truly looked at our situation and then thought about ALL of the English teams that have been playing in European competitions for years, without any incidents.
Even when English teams were first allowed back into Europe, there were no further incidents, but here we are, with these idiots who have probably been living under a rock and want to use the clubs recent success to go on the rampage.
The True supporters of the club and the game of football will not be happy to be denied the opportunity to follow West Ham on our European Adventure. I agree with EVERY word Moyes has carefully worded.

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From what I have seen on social media the trouble is coming from the older generation which is very worrying. For me they had there day, the nation has moved on!

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its seems some so called fans are unable to move on, as you say dartford very worrying, every body else has moved on except a few morons

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