Moyes Says No Oldies So Why Lallana Or Silva?

West Ham fans will almost be bored with hearing about it, but entirely agree with manager David Moyes regarding future player recruitment, his desire for a young, hungry and principally British team full of players with panache has become his mantra. Fed up with a 'bunch of over paid Johnny Foreigners' who lack the desire for a fight, the ex-Manchester United manager is steeling his troops for the remaining nine games of the Barclays Premier League in order to try and ensure survival in the battle to avoid relegation. So why on earth, if the club does maintain it's top flight status, would Moyes be in any way interested in either Adam Lallana or Thiago Silva?

Recent reports suggest that Adam Lallana and Thiago Silva or both are on the Hammers' radar for next season, and while they may be fine footballers, at the ages of 32 and 35 respectively, both are way off the Moyes template mark. Even if the worst happened and the club was relegated, there would still be a unique opportunity to 'finally' get back to having a young first team, fans have had enough of watching ageing overpaid 'imports' trolling around as they run down their lengthy and extremely lucrative contracts.

By studying the statistics, football analyst Ian Hooper has come up with some interesting talking points, namely that West Ham United conceded more goals in the last ten minutes of games than any other Premier League team, time and again the team were over run by more energetic youthful performers who made some of the Iron's stalwarts look like pensioners! One exception although he is leaving when the season finally concludes is Pablo Zabaleta, in his day he was an astonishing full back for Manchester City, he arrived at the London Stadium and gave his absolute all, but in the end time waits for no man, and his lack of pace began to get cruelly exposed.

Zabaleta was the exception though, because there is a lengthy list of 'past its' who have came, saw and then sh*t on the club, we include Arnautovic in that category because he always looked injured! If David Moyes is allowed to build from the base up, there is every possibility he could be laying the foundations of a team that could prosper for years to come.

Opinion: In order for Moyes to implement his plans, some players will have to be moved on, not an easy task during or even post the Covid-19 Pandemic, the likes of Sanchez and Roberto are primed to leave along with Zaba, and originally Jack Wilshere was being lined up for departure, however as we have previously mentioned, young Jack has one of the best agents in the World, no one else could have negotiated the deals Wilshere has received could they? Well, his agent has gone a step further, we are not sure how, perhaps it involved putting something suspicious in Moyes' morning cuppa, but he has seemingly managed to convince Moyes not only to start his player, but has inferred that the club should EXTEND Wilshere's contract before it reaches its final 12 months!

Hopefully the drugs will wear off soon, David Moyes' brain will return to normal and he will distance himself from any association with PSV's Silva and Liverpool's Lallana. - Ed



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extending Wheelchairs contract would be suicide!

I have been a fan of Lallana for years, always thought he was typical of what West Ham fans like but not now, too old and no future, must bring in youth.

Sanchez was rubbish at Villa so why he was brought in god knows but someone needs to be accountable!

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