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Mrs Moyes Must Have Word In His Shell Like!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sat, 25/02/2023 - 11:17

Beleaguered Hammers manager David Moyes is probably sick to death of the 'advice' he has received in recent weeks, he notoriously plays his cards close to his chest and is 'singularly' minded to say the least!

However, it is widely known that Mrs Moyes is a regular reader of sports sites and passes on information that might be of help.

Well Mrs M if you are reading this please please ask Hubby to consider this, 'when Trevor Brooking took over as interim manager many years ago he knew he had to get a disparate fan base on board from the get go, so HIS ANSWER? Sir Trev played THREE up front and won each of the games he was in charge!

Now we are not suggesting Moyes plays three up front, but why oh why on earth doesn't he give two up front a go? Fans have been screaming out for two up front but with the exception of one fifteen minute period at the end of one game Moyes has steadfastly refused to acquiesce and insists on his one up front formation.

A word in either Moyes shell like, "play two up front today against Forest and you will have 60,000 plus supporters ON YOUR SIDE!" It might not work out, but you would at least have tried, by doing what is seemingly counter-intuitive t your normal stance you might just turbo charge your players AND the crowd, which might ultimately save your job!

Two strikers up front? It isn't jumpers for goal posts is it? Give it a go Moysie, ask the missus! - Ed



Been saying it for months,will he or won't he? My moneys on wont

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there please please play 2 forwards together up front but he won’t

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Unfortunately Moyes is more stubborn than a team of 11 mules. There's more chance of Lady Buttplug shite-ing a pure golden nugget. Than a 2 pronged attack....

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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