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Mystery Striker Bid

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 27/01/2022 - 20:02

There is of course non stop media coverage of the transfer window every time it is about to draw to a close, more so with regards to this January's window, because of the Premier League's unique winter break. Newcastle are the club linked with every transfer story whether they have shown any interest or not.

West Ham have had their fair share of interest as well, observers expected the club to be big hitters during the window owing to the inbound investment of Daniel Kretinsky, however NOTHING has happened on the face of it. Hammers have gone from a club that did all its washing in public, to a strictly ANTK basis, firmly enforced by the Laird of East London, David Moyes.

So fans who have grown up on a diet of real news 'Angel Delight', are having difficulty in accepting the truth when they are given it on a plate, or a bowl, to continue the Desert of no substance metaphor. The truth hurts, being in denial with the fact that the club has tried but failed, but actually REALLY HAVE tried and failed to bring players in, doesn't detract from the reality of how difficult the January window can be.

The rumours of a £50 Million striker bid are just a little too convenient, not for the club, who don't need to sell season tickets and will welcome a full stadium for the Europa League game(s), but for a media crying out for copy, irrespective of how true or false the story is.

We at the Org continue to firmly believe that a last minute deal for Chelsea's Armando Broja is in the offing, if it doesn't happen we will not be embarrassed because although our source IS genuine, so much can happen in an instant, both positive AND negative.

At least Hammers fans know that this time there has been the wherewithal and intent from the board to back their manager, he just has to loosen up but not be stupid which is a difficult balance, but that is what he is paid over £80,000 per week, excluding bonuses, to do. - Ed



If we got him it would be unreal,but as our fellow orger Dartford says " it's the hope that kills you!";)

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I can see it now, the Albanian Assassin live and direct at the BOM - COYI

Bet his initiation ceremony would be fun as he turns up in his stonewash jeans and bright red shiny Puma track suit top...........

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