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No Matter How Viewed Cup Exit Was Disappointing, Or Was It?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 24/09/2015 - 17:13

Hammers exit from the League Cup (using it's proper name) was on the face of it extremely disappointing, however the early exit may have some benefit. In previous seasons West Ham United have progressed through the early rounds with ease, only to run out of steam towards the final. During each of the cup runs, the club earned extra revenue and the fans got the chance to see the odd glimmer of hope, but the eventuality was the squad was stretched to the limit with injuries and suspensions taking their toll leading to a dip in League form. This season there is only one remit, and that is to survive and hopefully prosper in the Barclays Premier League, of course to do so with a swagger and adventurous football would be wonderful, but survival is the only thing that matters ahead of the Olympic Stadium move. Such a situation is a bit of a pity in a way because Manager, Slaven Billic, has his hands tied to some degree owing to the need for success, he will not really have the team playing his way in it's entirety. Had Billic been able to bed the team in a year before, then there would probably not be such an onus, and underlying fear, about moving to the Olympic stadium. As it stands there is still the FA Cup, which is much more attractive to most people, and the possibility of some exciting football being played the West Ham way by a squad that isn't struggling to meet the demands placed on it. - Ed



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Must admit I wasn't too upset about going out. Yes it was disappointing, but I will be much more upset if we lose against Norwich. Maybe it's because I'm an ex-pat these days and so I can't get to evening cup games at The Boleyn any more... Or maybe it's because the League Cup has never had the same allure as The F.A.Cup. Or maybe it's because I recognise how much more important doing well in the PL is at the moment.

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Sooner it happen now,than halfway down the line,anyway we have a prem title to be won ;) 'X'

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