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Opinion-Time For Irons To 'Man' Up?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 15/09/2023 - 18:54

Hammers host arguably the best team in World club football managed by the probably the best manager in existence tomorrow in London with few people giving the home team a prayer against the imperious 'Citizens'. On paper that assumption is correct and it is very likely the Irons will lose their unbeaten status in the Premier League.

That said, the 'gulf' between both teams HAS narrowed since the days when ex-City manager Manuel Pellegrini managed the Irons, then a three, four or five nil drubbing was the usual outcome! However, while tomorrow's game is still likely to end in defeat for David Moyes' team, the margin may well not be as marked as before.

Players like Lucas Paqueta, Edson Alvarez and Mohammed Kudus have NOT been mesmerised and down trodden by City repeatedly, unlike many of the 'old hands' at the club. While they acknowledge City's stunning squad, they are NOT overawed by taking on Manchester's best team, in fact they relish being up against 'top' opposition and look forward to matching up with their opponents.

Back in the day many teams were defeated before they even took to the pitch when facing Liverpool or Manchester United in their pomp, but that has ALL changed now due to the funding available for 'lesser' teams to compete in the transfer market.

Make no mistake, it will be an incredibly difficult ask for WEst Ham to get anything out of tomorrow's game, but that doesn't mean that they can't give it a damn good try! Urged on by what will be a packed Stadium there is every possibility of upsetting City's imperious form, after all, Football is played on grass, not paper.

Of course on paper City definitely have the edge, but they are vulnerable SOMETIMES, it is to be hoped that Hammers can upset the apple cart and at least get a point from the game. There are enough talented players in Moyes' squad to do some damage, IF they are all firing on ALL cylinders.

Danny Ings shouldn't feature at all, as his chronic lack of pace will be exposed, the same goes for Aaron Cresswell. Divin Mubama and Mohammed Kudus MUST be on the pitch ahead of Ings, it is the ONLY way Hammers stand a chance! Moyes has to be brave AND innovative in his team selection AND his use of substitutes, no longer does he need to have two goal keepers on the bench, there are plenty of hungry and determined players available now who can't wait to get on the field of play.

Be bold Moysie, there is absolutely NO point in handing ALL the possession to City like in the games against Brighton and Chelsea, it simply will NOT work. The Hammers manager needs to 'mix things up' a little for his team to stand any the game is considered to be a 'dead rubber' why not take a few risks?

At least he can say he tried! - Ed



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Isn't the issue. It's HOW we lose. I can quite easily take a drubbing as long as we have a go, and City's defence ISN'T the best either.

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I read the first line as Hammers arguably the best team in world football. LOL. Yes time to throw the cat among the pigeons, I would start the youngster, Mubama up front. Cause some mayhem. What’s the news on JWP? Also start the Og at the back provide some stability.

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