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Panic Attack K.I.T.S!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 07/03/2023 - 19:09

No, not a set of new home and away replica survival kits to be flogged off to the next generation of lambs to the slaughter more commonly known as young West Ham fans. The 2nd part of the headline K.I.T.S!, which follows Panic attack, stands for 'Kretin in the Sky' the name used behind the back of Hammers second highest share owner by his subordinates and also his fellow shareholders, if rumours are to be believed.

So reading the two together the conclusion is that Daniel Kretinsky is getting rather hot under the collar with regards to his not inconsiderable stake in the club, some say even more than hot under the collar and that it is counter-intuitive to his usual business practices that have earned him the more lofty name of being the Czech Sphinx. A name that he has earned by being a 'cool' incredibly successful competitor within the Global Business World and one that comes with a bite as well as a bark!

Fans are entitled to moan and groan about their 'hard-earned' paying for season tickets, away tickets and the commensurate expense involved in attending those games, not forgetting the thousands of replica kits and merchandise spewed out by the club on a regular basis. However, spending their money to support a club that they were generally born to support is still a matter of choice, fans can exercise their right to exorcise themselves from the club, the 'Kretin in the Sky's situation is more complicated.

Having invested a fair chunk of change in what he thought was essentially a Premier League club going places, Kretinsky would have been thinking, "here we go, wait until we can hoover up a few shares to gain a controlling interest, then buy the club off 'loved up' Sullivan and then we'll be on to a winner!"

Welcome to the 'Gypsey Curse' Mr Kretinsky, it has sympathy for no one, after all look what it did to the Biscuit Barons! The best thing you can probably do is invest in as many sooth sayers, exorcists and 'counter cursers' that you can and possibly a few new ones from your homeland in order to get a fresh start.

Kretinsky's cool demeanour is not beyond being unsettled and that is exactly what he is with what is going on with his 'project', you can bet your 'Ivan Toney' that behind the scenes he is absolutely furious with the club's current ineptness virtually from top to bottom and cannot wait to pull the trigger on David Moyes.

Kretinsky doesn't do the past, he does the future! He and David Moyes are oil and water and are SO far apart that it is merely a matter of when, not if the manager is removed from his post. David Sulivan seems loathe to change until it is almost mathematically impossible to survive, delaying the inevitable could prove to be a massive mistake for all parties EXCEPT DAVID MOYES!

Will he really care if the club gets relegated? He is a wealthy man and while relegation might hurt his pride, it wouldn't ruin his life, but it could ruin the lives of thousands of fans, you know Mr Moyes like the ones you 'faced off' against during the humiliation at Brighton, those FANS WHO HAD TRAVELLED MILES IN THE COLD TO SUPPORT THEIR TEAM!

At the end of the day, their team will still exist, unlike the Dinosaur that refused to accept the cannot happen quick enough to help calm the K.I.T.S's panic attack! - Ed


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