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Roll Up For The Mubama Mystery Tour

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 25/04/2023 - 06:52

Ex-Hammers Kevin Keen and Jack Wilshere will be the opposing managers in this evening's FA youth Cup final, one served with distinction, the other fleeced the club for millions while occupying the medical room! Wilshere had plenty of 'gob' to say about the club when he finally left with over £10 Million in his sky rocket.

The fact that it is he who is managing the Arsenal youth team is testimony as to where his 'heart' has always been, this despite his 'family' having allegedly always been Hammers fans. Wilshere's once blossoming career was blighted by a series of catastrophic injuries that denied him the opportunity to shine on the major stage as much as his talent undoubtedly deserved, perhaps if he had looked after himself a little better as a youngster things might have panned out differently!

Keen brings his promising youth team to face Arsenal on the back of a stellar season that has seen them sweep all and sundry aside, although ALL the team have played their part Divin Mubama is the stand out player. Forwardds always grab more of the headlines, a stat that is reflected in the financial value placed on strikers by clubs, goals win games!

It won't be long, IF the club aren't stupid before we see Divin appearing regularly for the first team, such is his prowess on the pitch, particularly in front of goal, although his all round game contribution ia also extremely encouraging. A bright prospect who seems like a decent lad who has been 'schooled' correctly, Mubama has all the attributes to make it to the very top and it is up to the club to handle his development with due diligence and not risk having his head turned by rival clubs who will be 'sniffing' around and offering his parents luxury homes in sunnier climes/

Oh, by the way, that is what Chelsea and Manchester United have done for years! It borders on the ethically incorrect side, if not the illegal side but is widespread within the game. We know that as a matter of fact having been closely tied with a couple of Premier League players' families.

A good result tonight will confirm just how GOOD a job Keen has done since taking over the managerial responsibilities. It is about time he and his players received the recognition they deserve. The games can be seen either on the club's extremely amateur media channels or via the FA's own dodgy live feed. either way we are sure that everyone wishes the players succeed and hopefully emulate the team that last won it that included Joe Cole, Frank Lampard and Michael Carrick. - Ed



Frank Lampard wasn't in that side, too old.

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You are correct, the starting eleven were: Izzy Iriekpen (c), Bertie Brayley, Michael Carrick, Terrell Forbes, Stevland Angus, Sam Taylor, Adam Newton, Ashley Cooper, Steven Clark, Louis Riddle and Ryan Briggs/Richard Garcia

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Congrats to all the staff involved!

Jack Wheelchair posted a photo of his daughter in an Arsenal shirt befor the 2-2 draw... Gooner through and through be quite clear about that!!!

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As I was out for the evening. Just watched the highlights, goals and the celebrations afterwards. Great performance, great goals a feel good moment and a very happy Kevin Keen interview. Was David Moyes even there??

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