Same Old Porkies-Benrahma And King Deals Off?

The expression 'you couldn't make it up' springs to mind when trying to summarise West Ham United's desperate and disparate transfer activity during stage two of the transfer window, the opportunity to 'trade' between Barclays Premier League and Championship clubs lasts until Friday, of course players who are free agents can sign any time they like so long as there is available space in a club's declared squad.

The other expression of 'too good to be true' also tends to sum up the 'will he, won't he' on off activity of various West Ham transfer targets and the clubs they currently play for. The latest deal to hit the rocks is the one for Brentford's Said Benrahma, 'apparently' the player is mighty miffed with his club and despite a deal supposedly having been agreed is unwilling to discuss a move! Smells fishy, as does the 'Bournemouth 'angry' with Hammers 'tapping up Josh King' reason for that particular transfer 'stalling'.

Come on, this is an absolute con, spin, smoke and mirrors call it what you will, eventually all the 'exotic' goods will have been taken and the dear old Irons will end up with dross like 'Les' Dawson and his thuggish side kick Troy Deaney from relegated Watford FC, you can just imagine the Hornet's hierarchy holding their breath as they wait, to use Deaney's vernacular, to 'mug off' West Ham by sending two of their higher earners off to the smoke, they are just annoyed that they couldn't have dumped Danny Wellbeck with David Moyes as well.

Unfortunately most Hammers fans know exactly how things are about to pan out, the press release will be something along the lines of " David Moyes identified certain players he wanted, and we did our very best to accommodate his wishes, sadly we were unable to complete the deals we wanted within the time frame available". Essentially Josh King was the first 'striker target', which is a bit baffling because it was the defence and midfield that was suppose to be of the greatest concern to David Moyes, so what has happened to alter his opinion?

As we have covered in previous articles, Fabian Bulbuena has stepped right up to the plate, which means the need for a 'Tarkowski' dissipated, but there is still a need for strengthening the full back situation as well as getting in a 'reserve' central midfielder. All the talk of hiring the 'Algerian Messi' or Josh King for that matter, is exactly that, 'talk'. The problem is fans are so used to the owners crying Wolf that they will end up not giving them any credit even if they do end up doing something good, and to most fans that would be to sell up! - Ed



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you trying to say that the board are telling porkies?

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Benrahma deal off? You are joking? Could not make it up! Sorry but these 2 pricks Gold & Sullivan need to go.

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next and od troy deaney as u say

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