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Sun-Declan Rice = Boring!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 28/06/2020 - 13:39

Sports editor to overpaid and currently under worked journalist "Fill me some bloody column inches, or I will get Ms Moody from accounts to go through your last year's expenses with a fine tooth comb!" Anyone who has ever worked in the media, particularly in print, will know exactly how terrifying a prospect that can be, because ALL journalists fiddle their expenses. It is almost a rite of passage the first time you fill in your expenses form, what it contains dictates how you will fare, also how you are viewed and if you are 'worthy', fiscal indiscretions are ignored so long as you come up with the goods.

Unfortunately the 'goods' on offer from not only the Sun, but also the other red tops including the 'shining' star', are well past their sell by date! You would have had to have been born on another planet not to know about Declan Rice and his meteoric rise to prominence as one of the best defenders around, and as such there will always be transfer speculation regarding such a talented player who is coveted by many managers both in the UK and in Europe.

So it is not the speculation that is galling, it is just the manner in which the 'speculations' are reported in such an amateur fashion. The same Rice to Chelsea story gets rolled out on a nearly daily basis, and quite 'frankly' (please excuse bad pun) it is divisive and extremely boring. Frank Lampard, despite what some Hammers fans think, is a man of honour, and any approach made by Chelsea on his behalf to acquire Declan would be made observing all established protocols, Frank is not for 'tapping up', which is hard to say about most managers, and any move for Declan would be done properly.

Neutral observers will probably feel that there is some form of agenda between the Red Tops and West Ham, the fact that Baroness Brady still has a weekly column in the Sun doesn't help matters any, as most fans still find the Sun an abhorrent publication ever since it's attempted character assassination of Liverpool FC and it's fans following the Hilllsborough tragedy.

The best way to deal with such red top transfer 'misinformation' is to Boycott the product, don't buy the 'hard copy' and don't browse them on the internet, let them 'ferment' in their own stench, it is what they deserve! - Ed



what is the sun anyway thought it was that planet in the sky that gets warm in the summer months

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