Jeremy Ngakia

Sun-Declan Rice = Boring!

Sports editor to overpaid and currently under worked journalist "Fill me some bloody column inches, or I will get Ms Moody from accounts to go through your last year's expenses with a fine tooth comb!" Anyone who has ever worked in the media, particularly in print, will know exactly how terrifying a prospect that can be, because ALL journalists fiddle their expenses.

Moyes Pragmatism Spells Relegation

What is the difference between David Moyes and Sam Allardyce? Essentially, wealth, both men have been rewarded well in their football management careers for serving up 'percentage football. Principally viewing the fixture list at the beginning of the season and working out which games were winnable and which were not, then by concentrating on the winnable games they were able to attain the percentage points ration to survive and even thrive.

Jittery July Six Games Between 1st-18th

West Ham United's interrupted Barclays Premier League season finally grinds to a halt on Sunday the 26th of July at the Bowl of Misery with a game against fellow relegation candidates Aston Villa, by which time one or both clubs will either sink or swim, their respective fates may well be out of their hands by then anyway!

Devil Or The Deep Blue Sea? Moyes Or Allardyce

With just seven games remaining of the restarted Barclays Premier League, many Hammers fans are starting to panic! Had it not been for other results going in the team's favour, the Irons would have been in the bottom three by now, as it is they are only surviving by the narrowest of goal differences.

One Good Egg, One Bad And One Stale Leave

West Ham United’s 19-year-old defender Jeremy Ngakia will leave the club at the end of the month after rejecting a “significantly improved” new contract, the club said on Thursday. Who knows what went on behind the scenes, the issues involved are rarely clear cut when it comes to a young player, nurtured by the club, leaving despite obviously being wanted. Is it David Moyes' management style? Although a bit of a dinosaur, he has always sought to promote youth players from within, so it is unlikely that is the reason, it is probably because he was 'tapped up' but in a 'legal' way.

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