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There Are Porkies & There Are Press Porkies!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 26/02/2021 - 10:12

Having drunk the 'troubled West Ham' well dry, the media have consolidated their stance now on unsettling Hammers star Declan Rice by inventing claims that escalate on a daily basis from the outlandish, to straight out and out porkies, generated by mischievous writers who have had their collective noses put out of joint by the steady progress made by David Moyes's 'Boys of 21".

The combined efforts of the Press and Media have merely played in to the hands of the 'much thought about ' West Ham chairman David Sullivan, now he has been able to up the ante, via his 'pets', in the Rice saga, the valuation on England's future captain has doubled during this season to around £100 Million!

So the 'news' that Manchester United are willing to offer Nemanja Matic, Phil Jones and Jesse Lingard to West Ham in order to help them sign Declan Rice this summer has been greeted with derision by the vast majority of fans from West Ham AND Manchester United. Manc fans think that Rice is over priced, whereas Hammers fans have been quick to question on social media as to why the club would want to trade it's best and most valuable player, for two crocks and a player destined to head for the london Stadium regardless? (we'll leave the cut and paste of their comments for the 'lazy' sites that don't write their own articles, to compile)

The advantage for David Moyes while all the Rice speculation rumbles on, is that he is able to quietly go about his business of guiding the club as high as he can up the Barclays Premier League table, but also to subtly go about the recruitment of players that HE actually wants, as opposed to what the hierarchy try to hoist on to him.

There are Porkies, and there are Press Porkies, the difference is that former disappear, but the latter, especially regarding Rice, 'kinda lingers'. - Ed



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Read this - exactly right and quite insulting to be fair! And why would Rice even go to Manure anyhow? There's absolutely zero to gain from this deal for us and Declan - and if Jesse wants to make his deal permanent with us he will do so

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Lingard will come anyway I reckon as for jones & matic do me a favour!

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I would take three Man United players for Rice.
Give us Rashford, Fernandez and Linguard, oh and throw in the hundred million and you can have him.

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