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Thieffa Investigation Hypocrisy

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 03/07/2020 - 13:16

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, those bastions of honesty FIFA. or Thieffa as we prefer to call them, have climbed down from their ivory tower in order to 'remind' people that they are Europe's football power brokers and what better way than to help give little old West Ham a bit of a kicking in the process. Mind you, the Times, if you pay a subscription, were the story breakers in the first place, so 'fair' play to the Sun's richer cousin!

"We can confirm that we have received a claim from the German club Eintracht Frankfurt against English club West Ham United," said a FIFA spokesperson . "The matter is still being investigated and consequently we cannot provide any further comments. Should they continue to breach the terms of contract West Ham could face sanctions from FIFA in the shape of a fine or transfer ban".

When contacted by ourselves the club declined to comment, they also refused to comment directly when approached by the Times but claimed the delay in payments was due to "a contractual issue" with Frankfurt and not related to a cash flow problem. Reading between the lines the situation is not because the club is cash strapped, earlier this week shareholders David Sullivan, David Gold and Tripp Smith injected some £30million into West Ham United FC by way of a new share rights issue. This particular facility can be used again if necessary in order to 'balance' the books, however we believe the reason for delaying the Eintrecht Franfurt tranche payment is because the Hammers' hierarchy were rather hoping that 'thieffa' were about to introduce new legislation with regards to outstanding payments in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and it's effect on football finances.

There was a belief, not only held by West Ham but by many other Barclays Premier League clubs, that previously negotiated fees would be reduced percentage wise in a similar way that the TV companies are having to be refunded for games that have not been able to be played. This still might be the case and the entire situation is currently under review, which makes Thieffa's communication regarding the Haller transfer seem pernicious, or were they just trying to flex their muscles on an easy target?

When it comes to the investigation of payments, Thieffa should be getting their own house in order first, just ask Mr Blatter! - Ed



Where there's smoke there will always be a fire Neville!
We spent almost £150m on players under Pelligrini and took out a £35m loan as well which is unheard of for West Ham. Not sure whether wages are included in these sums as well but we must be very close to spending beyond our means, especially with further payments now due on the players we bought? Plus repayments of the loan.
It's why we must not get relegated otherwise it will only get worse.

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A D Bonds

Thieffa should as you say get their own house in order as there is still an on going case against a mr Platini regarding unlawful payments from themselves and as you say Nev a Mr Blatter this kind of thing leaves a nasty taste in the mouth !!!!!!!!

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