Transfer Responsibly-When The Funds Stop-Stop!

Possibly as early as next week, the full extent of Manuel Pellegrin's disastrous spell in the east end will be coming to a conclusion, the club have already jettisoned Jack Wilshere, Sebastien Haller, Felipe Anderson, Albion Ajeti, not forgetting Roberto, the final departee scheduled is Andriy Yarmolenko.

"Sometimes You Have To Cut Your Losses" Hammers didn't really cut their losses, cut is too mild a term, the club was financially ravaged by 'Pellegrinitus' and the fall out is becoming increasingly apparent on a daily basis as potential transfer targets come and go, snapped up by rivals.

It wasn't that long ago that many opposition supporters were wondering how the club could afford to splash the cash so much, well the grim reality is that the club COULDN'T afford it's massive expenditure, the hierarchy, with hindsight, very unwisely embarked on their spending spree in the hope that the club would qualify for Europe, which would pay off all the loans they had to take out.

Well that didn't go so well did it? As a consequence, no one at the club wants to publicly admit just how 'spanked' the club were during Pellegrini's profligate era, the figures are quite terrifying! None of which would normally matter to fans who have, and rightly so, absolutely no sympathy for the owners.

However the club's and the owners losses will have a catastrophic effect on transfer activity, there simply is no money available. So why don't the owners sell? That is a question many fans ask, we would counter that question by asking "why sell your business now, when it will virtually double in value in 2025 once the London Stadium becomes an asset owned by the club?"

The fact is, the owners chased a dream, 'Be Transfer Responsible-When The Funds Stop-Stop' should have been the mantra, instead now everyone is having to pay for it, and will continue to do so for at least another year!- Ed



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If it wasn't so typical you could cry

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One year one lousy year they spent big what about all the others when they have not?5 years at the BOM now bigger crowds more money in the coffers regular prem side(thats cursed us now!)and all the tv money etc that brings in and here they are bemoaning the fact that they still do not know how to run a football club....£2.5million a year rent(chicken feed)and now you hear the poor old taxpayer is having to fork out £35million in renovations and stewarding which we don't have to put a penny towards so pardon me if i do not shed a tear for our owners who do know how to make money but just do not know how to run a football club...sooner they sell up the better but as you say that's a few years away yet.

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Just one word …. Covid …. No fans huge income downfall…. Hopefully that will change this year.

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a few more years of pain is nothing in the great scheme of things...brown, the cairns, magnusson and joorbachian (remotely) have all shafted the club's the West Ham way!

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Indeed Nev, it's a sad state of affairs when you read that little list of shysters. The only ones who ever suffer is us, the fans, everytime. But we don't count, we're just the muppets who have to put up with it.

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