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Trouble At The Bubble Moyes Looks Out For In

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 19/07/2020 - 11:58

Josh Cullen had his loan spell at Charlton from West Ham extended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and is due to return to his parent club when the season finally ends, his current contract with the Irons is due to end on 30.06.2021 and important decisions need to be made for the player and club as to how best to move forward.

David Moyes was at the Charlton versus Wigan game yesterday, invigorated by his team's virtual salvation following the comprehensive victory over relegation candidates Watford, a victory that could end up being the second of a triumvirate of sending teams down, hot on the heels of Norwich City, two down only one to go, Villa on the last day of the season to make it all three?

Moyes' presence at the game was picked up by the Press, who promptly decided that the 57 year old Scot was there to see Wigan's 22 year old American born left back Antonee Robinson, that may have been partly the reason for his 'scouting' mission, but he was also there to see Wigan Athletic's centre back Cedric Kipre as well, in addition to seeing if the club should consider offering Josh Cullen a new contract as the player enters his final year.

Cullen was recalled from his loan spell at Bolton the first time David Moyes became manager, he was then sent out on loan by Manuel Pellegrini to Charlton Athletic, Cullen has been at the Valley for nearly two complete years, although only one actual full season due to a serious shoulder injury. The Republic of Ireland midfielder has just turned 24 and is in the 'sweet zone' of Moyes' target for young and hungry players who WANT to be at the London Stadium.

Of course the addition of one or both of the Wigan players would not go amiss either, both Robinson and Kipre would be useful acquisitions and would be available cheaply because of Wigan going in to administration which along with a 12 point deduction could well see the club relegated to Division Two.

Years ago Alan Pardew 'picked off' the cream of Wimbledon's peripheral squad by managing to buy Adam Nowland, Jobi McAnuff and Nigel Reo-Coker all for £500,000! The club later sold McAnuff to Cardiff for £250,000 and then Nowland to Forest also for £250,000, leaving Reo-Coker at a net cost of Zero. Eventually Pardew got sacked for certain off field activities and Reo-Coker was eventually sold to Aston Villa for £8.5 Million, not a bad profit hey? Hammers fans are generally used to the club spending big, and getting little in return.

Whether or not Moyes decides to offer Cullen a contract extension, the manager does have the 'luxury' of being able to make plans for next season with two games still remaining, an unlikely scenario after the first two matches. By attending the games of clubs where he has players out on loan Moyes is showing due diligence, maybe he was at yesterday's match to run the rule over all three of the players we mentioned, either way, you have to be there in person or employ a 'director of football' who has a penchant for top of the range Rolex's, we know who we would prefer.



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The chairmen like to throw names about who we want etc it makes headlines and looks like we are trying to push forward but the reality is big name players who are injury free and have a good record go to the best clubs we have to get realistic and search for diamonds in the rough as a fan i am not to bothered about who we buy as long as they work hard put a shift in and show they want to play for the club and not the extra ££££'s the agents regularly screw out of our club in wages and signing on fees in order for us to get a player....players from the championship seem to be frowned upon and whilst many find the premier league a step to far there are those down there given a chance are more than capable of playing at the top level but like you say Nev Moyes has to do his due diligence and make sure that whoever we buy he fits the managers gameplan and not the razzle dazzle that the unholy trinity love to serve up in order to get fans to part with there hard earned dosh.....every player you buy is a gamble i see on another post Hammergirl mentioned Joey Beauchump! and what about the infamous Marco Boogers......i just hope this time round with the Hugill deal still fresh in every hammers fan mind that Moyes uses proper judgement and if clubs keep pushing price up have the guts to walk away and go for another target.....Check a players injury much they want....and length of contract...if any of those points make the club think maybe not then do not get suckered in like the Carroll deal or the Wheelchair deal or the Sanchez deal or the Za Za deal my god how many times are we going to fritter away money on players who get paid big but provide little or no substance football wise because if we keep it up i will have 65&mr Moore as my agents they can send a video of my wand of a left foot to the club just don't mention the dodgy lungs because of the covid19 demand a £5million sign on fee £150thousand a week 5 year contract and we'll be fine:-)

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decent footballer and will have a good football career. I just dont see it at West Ham. Hes no Mark Noble and game changer.

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