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Two Down-Eight To Go!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 28/06/2022 - 10:30

You don't need to be a maths scholar to know that signing two new players is only a drop in the transfer ocean for David Moyes and West Ham when you consider the fact that FOUR key players have left or retired, so FOUR players are required just to get the squad back to being wafer thin!

As one of the TWO new signings was already at the club on loan, the excellent Alphonse Areola who has now been signed on a permanent deal from PSG, it is plain to see that there is much to do for Moyes and head of recruitment Rob Newman.

Annoyingly EVERY player the club shows interest in is instantly 'suddenly' of interest to Newcastle, the newly minted Northerners aren't even going to be restricted by FFP which has been abandoned due to the impossibility of 'policing' it efficiently.

With the FFP 'rear gunner' out of action, things are looking bleaker and bleaker for West Ham as those clubs with 'massive' financial clout will be free to flex their muscles without risk of sanction. Hunting for scraps has long been a Hammers tradition, one that fans had hoped was a thing of the past, but as things stand it looks as if the queue to sign top players has become even more congested.

Where does this leave West Ham? Well, little by little David Moyes has been 'snapping up' youth players from all over the place in an attempt to build from the ground up, so anyone who questioned why the club has been signing so many 'yute' now has their answer, the change to the FFP ruling has been in the pipe line for some time and it seems that Moyes has had to act accordingly.

Not being able to sign players for massive fees isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there is going to be a need for some very creative recruitment if Hammers are going to be ANYWHERE NEAR THE TOP SIX NEXT SEASON! TIME TO GET YOUR THINKING CAPS ON MOYES AND NEWMAN. -Ed



It's interesting how the blatant flouting of FFP by the likes of Citeh & PSG etc. have led UEFA to abandon the rule.... !?
OK, Newcastle's new ownership have the deepest pockets in the World, but how much can any one club spend?
West Hams ownership have combined wealth over £5Billion, it doesn't mean anything, for example, on a £25mil. contract for Lingard?
If rumours are to believed, losing Randolph, Diop, Soucek, Vlassic & Benrahma will mean there's a need to recruit more than 8... ? Busy Summer ahead.

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UEFA are as spineless an organisation as I've ever seen. Nothing but bluster and BS. Sounds like a former President!! Lowball fines, ignoring racism (games behind closed doors, but with 30k racist kids in the crowd), pandering to the elite, they're hopeless.

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Squad harmony. One thing that the club has at the moment appears to be great team spirit, camaraderie and most of the time leadership... something we've lacked on the past. If we have 8 players to bring in, there's not much time to ensure we get the right players for the squad who will fit in and not upset the apple cart

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NHH... I think Benni is dead man walking. He crossed The Moyesaih, showed him public disrespect with his sulky slow march off the field when being substituted with clock ticking and we were losing at the time. IMO he's gone.

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Speaking to fans who regularly go to watch West Ham. I think you are right. Fans are not that keen on him, too inconsistent, where as Fornals for instance the fans love his energy and work rate.

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He can't couple that energy and work rate with hitting a barn door from two feet.

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