Well, They Would Do That Wouldn't They? General's Red

Surprise, surprise, Fabian Balbueana's red card has been rescinded, all a bit too late now isn't it? OK the game might have been beyond the Irons with ten minutes left and a goal down against Chelsea, but going down to ten men and losing a defender who is very handy in the air didn't help matters!

The 29-year-old Paraguay international received a straight red card in the 81st minute for a 'foul' on Ben Chilwell that would have required the amputation of the 'General's' leg to avoid. David Moyes said the original decision had been made by someone "who's never played the game".

Fabian Balbuena will now be available to play in Hammers' trip to Burnley on Monday, the 3rd of May. West Ham are still fifth in the Premier League, but are now three points behind Chelsea in the chase for fourth, the final qualifying spot for the Champions League, with five games of the season remaining. Hammers trailed to Timo Werner's goal when referee Chris Kavanagh dismissed Balbuena after watching a replay of the incident on a pitch side monitor following a check by the video assistant referee.

"It was a really poor decision, a really rank, rotten decision and it shouldn't be given," added Moyes after the match. "Where's he meant to put his foot? We had a day where the refereeing has been really poor." The 'General's' dismissal and it's consequences yet again call in to question certain elements of VAR.

The system works well for some elements of the game, but is atrocious in others, Referees find themselves in a situation that they have had to look at in real time being judged using ultra slow motion replays, the rule should be that VAR should only be used for situations where there has been a clear and obvious error from the officials, not when it requires analytical 'spooks' like attention to detail, the referee should be given the benefit of the doubt in all fifty fifty occurrences. - Ed



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Were the Var officials who no matter what anyone says they are the people reffing the game.....so if we miss champs league or europe by a point will we take legal action?...what happens if because we Don't Qualify and say are forced into selling Rice because of the money situation..Can of worms or what

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Maybe the referees and managers should have a solid week of going over complete and utter Fck ups involving VAR and on field referee decisions that have cost teams valuable points week in week out...I'm all for VAR if used correctly. At the moment we have been shown way too often that it's not.
Offside should be the foot on the floor only and handball has to be clear hand intentionally stopping or directing ball and nothing else. Slow motion shouldn't come into play at all as we and others have clearly felt the brunt of such sht decisions this season...
Thoughts please people...
I'm still aiming for the stars of 4th spot with an 'easier' run in than Chelski if ewe can get a full or seemingly full squad to pick from x

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Crappy clint Chris Kavanagh should have his jacobs cut off and inserted up his chocolate starfish.....

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